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Sometimes I think life is like a chapter book. 

All the chapters connect to each other yet no two chapters are the same.

Some are filled with details and history. Some with drama and intrigue.  All are necessary to tell the story.

I tend to want to read ahead and see what’s next which can cause me to miss the right now.

I’m sure I am not alone. 

These past few months have brought about a lot of learning and growing and stretching and asking God “what story are you trying to write?”.

God has blessed me beyond belief with a wonderful husband, two growing-up-way-too-fast children and this incredible blog to be a part of.

Working with my mom and helping her spread the words that God has given her is something I treasure. Not to mention the fact that so many of you read The Kitchen each week... it blows my mind and delights by soul. Thank you. 

Yet somehow I have been finding myself in a place I don’t want to stay…. too busy to do the things that are the most important in my current chapter…

Loving, caring for, serving and making space for my husband and my family.


Because sometimes the most important things look like taking the time to have a dance party with Duke in the hallway.

(I can’t dance)

And sometimes they look like lying on the floor and teaching Scarlet to say “mama”

(the only word she will say is “Dada”. All day long.)

Other times they look like having a cup of coffee and talking to Brook instead of working on my “to-do” list.

A perfectionist at heart, I can sometimes get so focused on tasks and making everything just right that I miss the simple joys along the way.

In this next chapter of my life I know God is asking me to strip away all the things that aren’t the most important and simplify a bit.

So I will be doing a little less blogging and a few more park days, dance parties, impromptu dessert making and whatever else may come about in the day-to-day.


This has been a tough one for me as I LOVE to cook and LOVE to share with all of you.

For now, I’m going to keep the conversation going and pop in every month or so with a new recipe or two.

I am excited about this next chapter and I would love to hear what God is teaching you as well!

I hope to be back right before Christmas with a cinnamon roll recipe.

Until we talk again,