Welcome to my quiet corner of the world.


I am a woman learning to listen to God, craving that connection with the Father that comes only through hearing what He has to say.

To me.


I am also a mom, with two daughters and two sons, all grown, and an extra daughter and two more sons who joined their lives with ours, and five fabulous grandchildren who love me for no other reason than that I belong to them and they to me.

I am the wife of a man who has spent the last 34 years telling me that he loves me just the way I am. And that God does too. My husband is a pastor, a leader of men and teacher of the Word. A great man.

Ideal, right? Except…

I live in a world of silence.

Surrounded by sound, I hear nothing. Not a chirp or a chime or a rustle in the wind. No bells or rings or banging or blaring. When the doorbell rings and the dog barks, I cannot hear. When the smoke detector shrills in protest at the whiff of another scorched meal left too long to simmer, I putter heedlessly on. Sounds neither summon, nor warn me.

I am deaf.

Completely, irrevocably, incurably deaf.

My story is not a pretty one. (click here to read my story) I was 26 when I found out I was losing my hearing. I fought God ferociously for what I thought was my right to hear. And when finally I exhausted myself with all my whining and worrying and raging and demanding, God stepped in with elaborate grace,

He lifted me out of the pit of despair, Out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground And steadied me as I walked along.
— Psalm 40:2 (NLT)

And then He began to speak to me. Or maybe He’d been speaking all along and I wasn’t listening.

Now that You have made me listen, I finally understand
— Psalm 40 (NLT)

And He began to change me. To redeem those broken places. To satisfy that deep longing that my perfectly ordered life couldn’t fill.

And He has, indeed taught me to listen.

Early every morning, cuddled up in a comfortable chair with a pot of fresh brewed tea I wait.

I listen, pouring out my weakness to Him and asking for wisdom I do not have to meet the challenges I cannot conquer. With His Word open on my lap and my pen waiting in hand, I ask Him to speak to me.

To whisper wisdom.

These pages are about what I hear, a spill over from time spent listening to His voice in His Word.

I tell my story here on these pages with the wildest hope that you will listen and hear and come to crave that same intimate connection with the Father I have sought.

My passionate longing is that as you read these words you will learn to know His voice and that you will crave hearing what He has to say just to you.

I write so that you, too, will learn to listen.

Because I have learned that…

He speaks in the silence.

From my heart,