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A Letter to My Girls

Dear girls, As the Night in Prayer approaches every year I start to get a little uneasy.

Not scared exactly, just that brush of remembering how hard it is to stay up all night.

How every year I think I can’t do it…

and I’m not so sure I really want to...

and do I have to?


And every year Jesus meets me in that place of anxious unrest. It is hard. He knows about that. As pressed and pressured as He was, He pulled away from all the needs that hounded Him and went away to pray— all night long.

And I think He did it, not because He had to, but because He needed to.

Maybe He was praying for us, for me, for all these people He loves who still don’t love Him back.

And so every year I do it again. And every year He fills me with the strength to make it all the way through the night. To keep talking, to shake myself awake, to lead our hundreds of hungry women who come because they need to come and pray all night.

Will you join me this year? 

Will you come and pray for all those people you know who He loves but who still don't love Him back?

Will you come and pray for yourself? For your brokenness? Your disfunction and dissatisfaction? For His grace to make you more than you are so He can use you more than you can believe?

Every year women tell me their reasons for not coming. I used to push back, to try to convince women they can do this-- after all, if I can, you can too. Me, the woman who starts checking the clock as soon as it gets dark and falls into bed with relief as near to 9 pm as possible most nights.

Now I know its the women who are desperate for God who will show up this Friday night. Women who must see God at work in their lives, women who thirst for God, who will go to great lengths to hear Him and touch Him and ask Him for help.

If you're one of those, I invite you to join us. Be tired with us. Laugh and giggle and get a little crazy with us. Dare to ask for big things. Pray Impossible Prayers. Meet God in a way you never have before.

Because He shows up for our Night in Prayer. His presence is palatable.

I'll be there... worried a little... sleepy before it even starts... but listening for His voice and craving your company as we seek Him together.

From my heart,


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