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GENERATIONS: what every women ought to know about what it is he really wants.

This Saturday, November 3rd, the women of Solid Rock are going to gather together to hear the message on the heart of a young woman I greatly admire. After a lovely light breakfast, I’ll be introducing you to Joy Eggerichs, who leads a ministry called Love and Respect NOW.

With humor and stories and life applications, she delves into the Scriptures in order to illuminate that hard-to-see path through the messiness of real life relationships.

You are not going to want to miss this!

Bring your best friend, your sister, you mom, your teenage daughter.

Let’s learn and laugh and figure out how to do this, girls!

I’ll be there in the front row with my notebook ready to catch all the wisdom I can.

Won’t you join me?

From my heart,



WHEN: Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

TIME: 9AM - 11AM

WHERE: SR Westside, video venue

COST: $5 at the door

*no childcare provided


Welcome to Ruth

Every Saturday for the next few months we will be posting a devotional study I wrote on the Biblical story of Ruth. While studying this beautiful and timeless story, I couldn’t help but hear God’s words to me, His wisdom for my own story.  Early every morning as I gathered my study books, poured my tea, and cozied up in my big chair by the window, God spoke wisdom and hope and sometimes warnings.

I was alone in His presence, alone with Him.

And maybe that’s how you’ll delve into this story— being a full-on introvert, I understand.

But it is my hope that some of you will gather a few of your friends and go through this study together. There is just something about being on the same page with people who know us that compels us to dig a little deeper, to allow the Spirit to weave His beauty into the fabric of our everyday lives.

By being open and vulnerable we allow other women to speak gentle wisdom into our souls.

I have not included a list of fill-in-the-blank questions for you to answer. Instead, I would urge you to come to each study with just one question:

Lord, what are you saying to me?

Because that is the question that compels me to get up early every morning and delve into the Scriptures, searching for His words for me.

Because, you see, I believe with all my heart that…

He speaks in the silence.

From my heart,


PS: Will you let me know what you’re doing with this study? There is this fearful vulnerability about opening up my own early morning listening to women who might not hear what I heard. I’d love to know what the Father is speaking to you.

How To Use This Study

  1. Listen to the teaching. Click here to listen.
  2. Look up the Scriptures for Day One, chew on these verses, feast on His Word
  3. Read the short devotional
  4. For more background information, go to the next page and read the ETC

Note- Each of the 7 audio teachings are followed by 5 daily devotionals.

GENERATIONS... what every woman ought to know

More than three decades ago a family of six moved into a home around the corner from our tiny house on Trevor Drive in San Jose.  They were just back from the mission field with four teenagers, each of whom quickly rose to leadership in our church’s youth group simply because they were so compelling and cheerful and genuinely godly.

I was pregnant with our first son, reading books and studying methods and just generally terrified that neither of us had any idea how to do this whole parenting/raising children/ life of faith task. This family waltzed into our lives at just the right time to give me courage and hope that maybe we could someday have what they had so beautifully built in their family— an honest-to-goodness Jesus centered home filled with passionate-about-Jesus people.

Bill and Laurie Keyes showed us the way ahead. They inspired us and taught us and encouraged and trained us. They met with us and answered questions, allowed us to poke into their lives, opened up their hearts to us to show us that they were real.

And they poured wisdom into us.

Our four kids grew up on “the Keyes say…” Their words became cornerstones for the way we arranged our lives. Validation for why we did what we did and why we didn’t do things a different way.

Their wisdom made sense to us.

So you can imagine my deep-down delight when they agreed to come and share some of that wisdom with you!

On Saturday morning, September 29th, Bill and Laurie Keyes will speak at Generations… what every woman ought to know.

If you are like I was all those years ago, a woman seeking wisdom, hope, encouragement, courage. If you long to build a house on the Rock and need the keys to know howyou will not want to miss this!

The Details

When? September 29th

What time? 9-11 am

Who? Women of any and every age

Childcare? No

What? A lovely light bit of food and drink

Where? Solid Rock Westside

Why? Because there is just so much we women need to know… and Bill and Laurie Keyes have so much wisdom to bring into our questions.

Come! Bring your mom, your sister, your best friend. Bring any woman you know who needs real life wisdom. Because that is exactly what Bill and Laurie do best. They show how to do life wisely.

Really, girls, this is one you absolutely do not want to miss!

From my heart,