“To us a child is born…”

Isaiah 9:6

“And they began to be merry.”

Luke 15:24

The Meaning of His Name:

The ancient artists often depicted Jesus as a child sitting solemnly on His mother’s lap.  Head surrounded by a golden halo, a reverently subtle smile on His face, He sat still and serene while Mary wondered.

Of course she wondered!  Probably worried too!  What was wrong with the boy?  My three grandsons have never sat solemnly or smiled subtly in their entire lives!  Instead they wiggle and giggle and delight in the silliest of games. My grandboys laugh at me- and I’m not in the least bit funny. They fairly come out of their skin with excitement when Pops comes through the door.

Life is a great big game of wonder and discovery to Jude and Mo and Duke and every other little boy who ever sat in Mama’s lap.

How intriguing that God gave Himself this name, Child. Both in the Hebrew earliest writings and then on into the Greek New Testament, this captivating appellation pops up again and again.  Why?  What is it about Him that is child-like?  And how does He enter our burdensome lives and be a Child to us?

Shouldn’t we ponder this as Mary did?

There are other hints in the ancient writings of this child-likeness of God.  In the book of Proverbs, God writes through David about the beginning days of creation.  Using poetic language, He describes the process of forming this world we live in. In contrast to the succinct description in the first chapters of Genesis, this account makes it sound like He was having a blast! He’s dancing and singing and generally having a grand party (let your imagination loose in Proverbs 8:22-31). Then there’s Zephaniah, who somehow saw God doing a jig in delight over us! (I’m serious- read it for yourself in Zephaniah 3:17) Not convinced?  What about the party that takes place in the heaven every time a sinner repents? (Luke 15:10) Can you just imagine the frenzy during the alter call of a Billy Graham crusade?

God is a Child. Just reading that gives me the shivers- shivers and quivers of delight!  He’s inviting you to reach into His child-likeness and delight with Him. To take joy, as only a child can, in caterpillars and crunchy leaves and chocolate cookies. To lighten up a little.  To brighten at the first hints of His presence.  To laugh.

Will you?

After all, He is… the Child.

From My Heart,


Isaiah 9:2-7

Zephaniah 3:14-20

Proverbs 8

Matthew 1,2

Luke 2:1-40

Luke 15:10,21-32

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