John didn’t want to do it. This was way beyond his comfort zone, unexpected and unwelcome. He knew his role and this didn’t fit.

For as long as he could remember John had known that God’s calling on his life was to urge his people to make space in their hearts for the coming of the Messiah. To repent from the sins that held them captive and turn to the One who would set them free.

He even had his handy come-back to ward off his many ciritics: God in heaven appoints each man’s work, (John 3:27)  

John knew his job and this surely wasn’t it. This felt all wrong.

Yet Jesus insisted, demanded really.

It must be done, because we must do everything that is right. (Mt 3:15)

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that goes against the grain. We don’t want to do it— at all.

That’s when Jesus comes alongside us, saying we.

We must do everything that is right. 

He never wags His finger in our face with ought’s and should’s and shame-on-you’s. Instead He inserts that lovely, welcoming, inclusive pronoun.


He joins Himself with us in that too-hard task. He won’t do it for us but He doesn’t make us do it alone either.

It must be done, He whispers, we must do everything that is right.

If you’re facing one of those everythings today, something you must do just because it’s right, may I remind you that…

Jesus is right there beside you and with you and for you.

Welcome Him, drink deeply of His presence, delight in His nearness… and then go together to do that thing that must be done.

From my heart,


P.S. Can you tell us a story of how He turned that thing you didn't want to do but knew you must into something good?