“Call to Me

and I will answer you…”

Jeremiah 33v3

What if God were to call on women to gather together to pray for their family, their friends, the people in their lives and community?

What if God were to call an army of women to engage in intense, purposeful prayer?

What if hundreds of women answered that call and came together all at once to pray in one massive all-at-the-same-time gathering?

What if every daughter, son, husband, friend, neighbor and work associate of every one of those hundreds of women got saturated in prayer?

What if we prayed all night?

What would happen?

Several years ago a group of ordinary women set out to find out what would happen if we had enough faith and determination to venture out of our comfortable beds and pray all night for the people in our own circles of influence.

We were excited, a little nervous, and filled with the hope that God would show Himself to us in tangible, powerful ways that we could understand.

And He did!

Since that first Night in Prayer, seven years ago, the number of women who come, pajama clad with pillows and goodies and hearts full of faith, has snowballed.

Women want to come! They bring burdens too great to bear alone: people they love who need Jesus, messy relationships they cannot fix, co-workers who are cold to the Gospel, teenagers taking terrible risks, and a great burden to see hearts rescued by the Redeemer.

We have seen those impossible prayers answered. Really! We have seen our own minds and attitudes and thinking changed dramatically. We have seen healing of bodies and perhaps even more miraculous, healing of relationships.

More than anything, we have experienced Jesus in a way we never understood possible.

This year would you join us?

We are inviting women to spend this Friday night, March 1 (come early 11:45 pm)  til Saturday morning 6 a.m. in prayer.

We’ll be gathering on the Westside and Downtown and at Sunset this year. I’ll be leading on the Westside, Tammy and Bethany and her team will guide you Downtown, while Carmen and Elizabeth will lead Sunset.

Together we will sing:

I love the LORD because He hears and answers My prayers.

Because He bends down and listens,

I will pray as long as I have breath!

Psalm 116v1-2 (NLT)

Will you join us?

Filled with His hope,


To sign up, go to