Today is my daughter’s birthday. And though Bekah lives far away and I miss her every day, I am so proud of the life she lives right where God has assigned her.

She is like me in so many ways— she loves books and stories and poetry and people and home and beauty…

And yet, really, we couldn’t be more different— she is vivacious while I am hesitant, she is bold while I am careful, she gobbles her world in great gulps, while I sip slowly…

I love this woman, am so thankful for all the years, for all the memories, for all the grace.

Happy Birthday Rebekah Ruth (Comer) Opperman! 


A Woman 

On this day for you my mind is choked with moments of days gone by.

 Rhythms and rhymes, 

words and pictures

burst from some hidden place

begging to be allowed out. 

I watched my belly swell to create a safe place for you to hide.

Then filled and ached and learned to nourish you from somewhere deep inside.

I burped and

changed and            

 wiped and

worried through all those years of toddlerhood.

Then hoped and

fussed and

feared through all the angst of everyday.

I played dress up,

rode horse-back,

read stories.

And welcomed feet dangling in the waters of my bath.                         

And suddenly you are a woman.  

A woman of beauty and strength,

filled with joy and

hope and 

dreams and 

fierce desires.

Where did the years go?

            Did all those minutes make up that many days?                          

What happened to those

harsh words,            

 furious tears, 

 the misunderstandings and the missteps? 

Did I forget too much to remember reality? 

Or did the beauty of your life

make room for those

terrible times

of my shame and my nakedness                        

to somehow slide away?

You lavish the best of your love on me

casting shadows of His mercy

on the shelter of His grace. 

As all the minutes merge into memories,

            I catch my breath in wonder that

we laugh and

joy and

hope together now.


I love you dear one,







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