GENERATIONS…what every woman ought to know about


Just a few days ago the daughter of my daughter was born… Scarlet Ruth Mosser…

She is beautiful and wanted and prayed for. Brook is sure she looks like him… Phil thinks that’s hogwash… she looks like his mom, Ruth… I think she looks just like Elizabeth as a baby…

Two weeks ago my first granddaughter arrived from Africa.

I think she looks just like me!

I’ve hoped for her and prayed for her and longed for this little girl for so many months that when she finally arrived and John Mark called to say Come on over, I was all in a dither.  Torn between wanting to jump in the car and defy all speed limits to get there as fast as I could… and wanting, needing, to take the time to fuss and polish and paint and curl and spray myself into just the right first impression for this little woman who will be in my life for a long, long time.

I wanted to be beautiful.

Of course.

And even though I know that great sages from who-knows-when say that…

Beauty is more than skin deep.


Beauty is as beauty does.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I still wanted to be beautiful.

And so does every other woman I know.

That’s why the women of Solid Rock are going to gather together on Saturday, April 21rst to talk about Beauty.

Because beauty matters.

Because every one of us wants to be beautiful.

And because God’s Word has a lot… and I do mean a lot, to say about Beauty.

And I think its time we talked about it.

And… time you all met my beautiful grand-girls. Sunday and Scarlet are going to be there with their mamas… and with me. Hope you can come too!

From my heart,


Oh, the details…


Saturday, April 21

What time?

Westside 9 am - 11 am

Downtown 7 pm - 9 pm 


Solid Rock Westside 10500 SW Nimbus Ave, Tigard, OR (no sign ups necessary)

Solid Rock Downtown 1233 SW 10th Ave, Portland OR (space is limited, please sign up via the church office)



We cannot offer childcare but nursing babies are always welcome.

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