I love this time of year! It’s my favorite time in the kitchen and Thanksgiving Dinner is by far my favorite meal to fix. Pouring over foodie magazines, pulling out dog-eared favorites, combining new recipes with dishes we have every year…

And knowing that we’ll have all day to enjoy each other and all weekend to enjoy the meal…

And that I get to use my grandmother’s beautiful china…

And that the guys do the clean up…

What more could I ask?

Several years ago I taught a series for moms about the spiritual training of our children (to listen, click here and listen to the hearts on fire series). In one of the teachings I used my Thanksgiving turkey recipe as an illustration of the way we “brine” or soak our children in the Word of God, which then permeates their lives.

I’m not sure how well the metaphor struck home, but I’ve sure gotten a lot of requests for the recipe! And since I’m still getting requests, my daughter, Elizabeth, urged me to post it here… I think the fact that she’s been begging me to finally write down the recipe and I’ve been putting it off might have influenced her urging!

So, dear daughter-of-mine, here it is:

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

My pies have left a little to be desired. The crust caves in, juice spills over, and the whole thing looks nothing like Martha Stewart's cover photo. The solution? An apple crisp. Its easy, tastes better than pie (all the crunchy sweet topping!) and everyone loves it. Elizabeth has perfected this recipe which she's bringing this year...

Maple Apple Crisp

Another must-have recipe we use year after year is this one for the best and least healthy bread you’ll ever eat. For all my attempts to go low fat, low salt, organic, chemical freethis bread throws all that out the window!

My daughter, Rebekah, called one year from L.A. to ask for this recipe. On Thanksgiving morning she put it all together and popped it in the oven before she jumped in the shower.

When she got out, she found her tiny apartment filled with smoke and heard insistent pounding on her door.

It was the fire department!

I guess all that delicious butter overflowed into her hot oven and set off alarms throughout the building… we’re still teasing her about her first foray into Thanksgiving dinner.

So here’s to Bekah and the Long Beach firemen who rescued her bread…

Best Bread Ever

May your Thanksgiving be blessed with the love and riches we’ve inherited from the Father who adopted us,

All my love,


My HeartIntentional Parents