…How blessed are all who take refuge in Him.

Psalm 2:12



Satisfaction and rest. The world searches frantically for both.  I search for both.

If only I had…

If only I were…

If only I could…

Lasting satisfaction is not filled by people or places or things.

And rest.  Where do I find that?  A perfect vacation?  A beach house?  A lighter schedule?  Less work to do?

No. Rest is found in only one place. Deep down daily soul rest is found only in the Shelter of the Almighty.

I know the satisfaction and the rest to be found in the Shelter.  I’ve been there.  It is a wonderful place to be.  The problem is, I tend to just go for a visit. I pop in when the hassles of life get to me, when I feel restless and dissatisfied, when things don’t go my way.

Rest is for those who live in the Shelter of the Most High.  There is a big difference between living there and taking a quick visit when the need arises.  This Shelter is not a vacation home. It is a place to move into permanently. A place to get comfortable in, to hang some picture memories, to snuggle down deep.

I have known the Shelter as a hospital room. When I am hurting or grieving it is the first place I want to run to. I have known the heart-healing of that place.

I have known the Shelter as a refuge. When I am worn out and weary I seek a respite there.  In that Shelter I have been refreshed and renewed.

I have known the Shelter as a library of sorts.  I have gone there seeking solutions, answers for questions too big for me.  I have come away with a heart full of His wisdom.

I have known His Shelter as a place of pure joy. I have worshiped there alone and have celebrated in His presence with the family of believers.  I have touched His Throne and been transformed again and again and again.

And yet with all these wonderful visits, I have yet to consistently dwell there. I move in and out.  I don’t know why.  I just sort of drift out.  Until another crisis or an especially beautiful quiet time reminds me that this is where I want to be.  I don’t want to be so foolishly fickle.  I love it there in the Shelter.

I am coming to realize that the act of dwelling there, really living in the Shelter of the Most high, is a daily decision.  No, it's more like an hourly decision, a moment by moment awareness of the Father.

I can choose to live there when things are good and when they are not.  I can live there when the kids are squabbling, when I am shuttling teenagers, at the drizzling soccer field, and at the crowded grocery store.

I can live there from the moment I wake up to the time I go to sleep and every moment in between.  The Bible tells me that He will keep on giving to me even in my sleep!

But the decision to stay there is mine.  The Father will not force me.  I must decide if I want to seek Him with all my heart.   I must put aside, at times, thoughts and words and actions that do not belong in the Shelter.  Just like I make my kids leave their muddy shoes outside in the garage, so must I leave my filth at the altar before I can enter into His presence.  He is not expecting perfection- He knows me too well for that.  But when He whispers in my ear I must listen and obey lest I push away His Spirit and push myself out of the Shelter.

So here it is.  On this page of my journal I state the desire of my heart:

I want to live,

to daily dwell in

the Shelter of the Most High.

I seek the rest and the satisfaction

that is found in Him alone.

I long to live

in Him.

From my heart,


Why don’t you soak into Psalm 16 for a while? It’s David’s yearning to dwell there.