I’d been cleaning out cupboards and tidying up files and finding things I didn’t know I had— pictures and poems, old papers, photos of days gone by.


Then I found this-

a prayer, a cry to God to help me know how to do this thing He’d called me to,

this role called mom.

Strewn with Tears

The way to church this morning was strewn with harsh words, impatient gestures, and hastily wiped tears.

Oh, those tears!

They broke through my angry heart, pointing a convicting finger straight at me.

I had caused those tears.

I had trampled the tender feelings.

In my rush to leave my home in perfect order I had created chaos.

“The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands.”

O Lord, build my house.

Speak to me, remind me that I serve You best by carefully, tenderly nurturing the souls of my precious children.

Stop me in my tracks when I get off track— before the tears.

From my heart,