Quite a few of you have asked me to write about why I chose to devote so many years of my life to teaching my children at home.

I started to try to write something about the pros and cons of every option- public school, private school, or home school. I just couldn’t get it right.  It seemed that no matter what I wrote, I ended up simply spouting an opinion, and that’s not what this page is about.

It really is my burning desire to write wise words gleaned from God’s Word.

Then I stumbled upon a post by my all time favorite blogger, Ann Voskamp. Her reasons for home schooling her own children are stated with more intelligence and eloquence than I could ever hope to put on paper.

If you are in that wisdom-seeking process of investigating the options and deciding what God wants for your family at this time, this post is worth mulling over.

Home schooling is not a wise choice for everyone. Nor is it the mark of a good and godly mother. It is simply one viable option for some families.

Someday soon I’ll post something about how to do public school well from a mother who has been there and seen her children thrive. Those of you who choose that option will need some wise words from wise women to make that work for your family.

And I’ll do the same for the private, Christian school option.

In the mean time, enjoy those children who grace your home. Relish every moment you have to teach and train and be with God’s gifts to you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

This is the most important thing you will every do!

From my heart,