He Commands the Morning

Job 38:12


The dark hour before dawn wrapped its silence around me as I burrowed deeper beneath the comforter.  Mmh… that luscious sense of waking early, only to realize I can luxuriate in a couple more hours of sleep…ahh…sleep.

Then a whisper echoing over the silence,


Blinking open sleep encrusted eyes, I peek out of my warm nest into the darkness.


This time I raise my head. Did someone call my name?  Who could be up?  My husband’s steady snoring assured me it wasn’t him.  Mmh…My imagination of course, a dream perhaps…back to sleep.


This time I startled awake.  What?  Who?

Come, My beloved.  Come meet with Me.

Could I be hearing right?  Could this inexplicable voice be my Lord’s?  Was He calling me to come to Him?

As I lay there wondering, I heard it one more time.


Reluctance fled and with it all sense of sleepiness.  Throwing back the covers, I padded downstairs with my heart pounding in anticipation.  What did He want?  Why would He wake me?  Was this real or was I going crazy?

Within moments I had my answers.

God wanted me.  He wanted me to be with Him.  And what’s more, He wanted to be with me. Just be.  Not to read my Bible, not to pray, not to do anything at all. Just be.

Curled up in the corner of the sofa, my Bible open on my lap, a steaming mug of tea in hand, He spoke to my heart.  Words of wisdom, words of delight poured over my heart that morning.  I felt lavished in His love.  Surrounded.  He simply wanted me.

And He still does.

“My heart has heard You say,

“Come and talk with Me.”

My heart responds ,

“Lord, I am coming.”

May your mornings be filled with the conversation.

From my heart,