SHINES THROUGH: by jodi stilp

This morning I woke up battling a bad cold and anxiety over a parenting issue.  My throat hurt, my head throbbed and my spirit was heavy. The last thing I wanted to do was go for a run, but I forced myself out of my pajamas and into my running clothes.

It was a crisp, cool morning, the birds were singing, and the sun was peeking through the fog.  I pushed off for my run and decided that this morning I would set speed training aside, and instead run for the love of the sport and the release that it brings.

I started to sweat and felt the tension slowly slipping away.  I stopped noticing my aching head and my sore throat.  My mind absorbed the lyrics of Josh White’s song To Burn in You. He sings,

O Lord, I am like the moon

Without the Sun

I hang in darkness too.

So be the light,

The light that shines through

Reflect off me

The love that comes from You.

And it all comes down to this

Jesus I must confess

I won’t be afraid

To step into Your flame

To burn, to burn in You my love.

My mind drifted from Josh’s songs to the problems I faced as a mom.  My feet pounded the pavement and I dialogued with Jesus.  I poured out my frustration, my inadequacies, my doubts that I was the right woman to train the children He entrusted to me.  I cried over my daughter and the tough spot she put herself in.  I begged for wisdom, discernment, and mental fortitude.

The sun burned off the fog and beat down on me, warming the top of my head, my shoulders, and the tips of my icy fingers.  The Son, Jesus my Savior and Redeemer, burned off the fog in my spirit too, warming my heart to His love, renewing my mind with His truth, melting the icy anxiety controlling my mood.  When I finished my run, all seemed right in the world. My circumstances hadn’t changed, but my spirit was renewed and my joy restored.

Hours later, I read with delight Psalm 94:18-19, “When I said, ‘My foot is slipping,’ your love, O LORD, supported me.  When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.” Isn’t it just like God to use Josh’s song and His Word to affirm His love and His desire to reflect it off me to those in my life?

What about you?  Has God been speaking to your spirit as you’ve been out this week walking or running in His world?  Have you been refreshed by your obedience that moved you off the couch and forward in your exercise program?  Have you noticed your aches and pains receding? My prayer is that you will feel Jesus’ love supporting you this week, especially in the moments when your feet are slipping and anxiety is great within.

Persevering With You,


EtcIntentional Parents