LOGOS: the word

“Let the words of Christ, in all their richness,

live in your hearts and make you wise…”

Colossians 3:16


The Meaning of His Name:

Words are powerful.

Words build up and words tear down.  Words lure open hearts and shut down relationships.  Words wound and words heal. Words alter everything.

But only Logos has the power to actually change us deep inside.

Jesus is Logos, a continuous stream of words and wisdom and hope and life pouring out of God’s heart. This logos of God is able to see through the façade of our inglorious attempts at being good, straight to our hearts.

He speaks and we are never the same.

Every day we have a chance to hear God.  He speaks directly through His Word— pages and pages of stories and shadows and truths and wisdom fraught with the power of His Voice. And He speaks indirectly as well— through the words of men and women of faith who have captured His words in their own lives and long to tell us how.

And every day we face a choice. Do we listen, or do we turn a deaf ear on all those streaming words? Do we trot on about our business, or do we pause and consider?

I, being deaf, know a little about not listening. In fact, even as I write these words, that little computer which keeps me connected to the world of the hearing is broken, rendering me completely and totally unable to hear even the slightest sound.

While I wait for a new cochlear to bring words once again through my ears, I have some choices to make. Will I still try to listen? Straining to see words formed on lips moving fast? Searching faces for clues? Connecting the bit of information I can come up with to decipher what is being said?

Or will I just shut it all out, wrap myself in my world gone silent, and go about my business… alone?

It’s not an easy choice, you know. To hear without ears is hard work. Exhausting. Draining. Embarrassing at times. Awkward.

The words are there, but is the effort to catch them worth it?

And, my dear listening sisters, is it worth it for you to strain and try and fail sometimes and then work again to hear the Voice of the One who calls Himself your Logos?

Or are you willing to give up and go about your days blundering through, all deaf to Him who calls you as His own, unable and unwilling to put out the effort to really hear?

He who has ears to hear, let him hear


From my heart,


John 1:1-4

Genesis 1:1-5

Hebrews 4:12

John 5:24-26

I Timothy 3:16

Psalm 119

James 1:22-25