Scene 1: Once upon a time
Scene 2: The journey
Scene 3: The gleaning
Scene 4: The proposal
Scene 5: The wedding
Scene 6: Ever after


Generations 1
Generations 2
Generations 3

Her Story

Danita Newell
My husband is Todd Newell, the pastor of administration. He is also my favorite travel companion. God continues to show me the importance of obedience and to follow His direction, especially when it involves taking the “scenic” route.

Elizabeth Mosser
I am married to Brook, who serves as both the Worship pastor and the High School pastor here at Solid Rock. We have a son, Duke, who delights us every day! The story God is writing in my life is filled with God’s forgiveness and His patience. I am a perfectionist who is FAR from perfect–yet I have a Creator who sees me as spotless and is patiently making me into His image.

Tammy Comer
My name is Tammy. My husband (John Mark) calls me by my middle name, May. My story is one of young love, God’s calling, and His kindness. For the last few years God has been teaching me the meaning of the term “eschatological realism”, which is a fancy way of saying, I am in the process of becoming who I really am. I am very much a work in process, but I’m thankful and amazed at the great responsibilities God has put in front of me.

Echo Zielinski
I am married to Andy, the middle school pastor on the Westside, who also oversees ages 0 to 18 Downtown. My story is filled with God’s redemptive heart and some pretty amazing answered prayers. He is truly turning my life out “as an occasion for testimony” and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Hearts on Fire

Week 1 / Heart of passion
Week 2 / Heart of obedience
Week 3 / Heart under control
Week 4 / Heart for the Word
Week 5 / Heart of a peacemaker
Week 6 / Heart of grace
Week 7 / Keep heart


Beat the Blues Women’s Event
Matthew 18:21-35-21-35 / The King + I

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