The Way Of Beauty

I woke to the crisp cold of an almost-fall morning,

blind to beauty,

barely aware of a day full of promise.


I trudged— yes, that’s the right word— to my cabin in the back,

oblivious to the setting of the moon,

to the lingering stars,

to the sweet scent of dew lacing the dawn.


I did what I always do: lit the candle, poured my tea,

wrapped myself in the comfort of solitude,

invited Him in.


And again— again!

He met me there.


While He opened my mind to my heart

and listened…

as I moaned- again- about too many to-do’s.


And then He spoke. Softly, kindly,  firm:

 All I have is Yours,

and all You have is mine.


Yes! Yes— I know those words, this truth underlined and asterisked.

I know what it means; know how it lives,

how I live when these words ring true.


And His words change everything~

This day, made by Him, for me; lived by me, for Him.



And now I see, I hear, I sense Him as the morning dawns.

His hand at my back, guiding me, leading me, showing me

a better way for this almost-fall day.


A way of beauty.


From my heart,


P.S.  If you’re finding a too long to-do list blinding you to beauty, will you leave your name so I can pray for you as I go on my walks in these hue-changing woods?

September 19, 2016
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  1. Beautiful thoughts and words, Diane. Good perspective for the beginning of my day. Thank you!

  2. Linda

    Linda. Constant on the go as most women are ? Seems to be no time for anything but work, errands and the gym. That’s the fullness of my life right now. I need Him. I’m desperate to just hear Him, taste Him. I remember our sweet moments of the past; I miss that so much. I miss our love affair. It’s become a “roommates” relationship. It’s me, not Him. I’ve gotten lost. I can’t breathe normally without Him anymore. Please pray for me.
    Thank you ❤️

    • diane

      You’re already on your way… He hears your longing. Perhaps you can find a day on your calendar to give entirely to Him… to read and walk and talk and pour out your heart to the One who loves you like no other. Then… love your family out of the overflow. It just doesn’t work any other way. Praying as you sort out the realities of your life. And remember– He’s not mad! He’s just waiting with infinite patience.

  3. valerie condron

    Valerie- and I have so many decisions to make that they are crowding out what I know to be true-what you said-I get caught up in it is all up to me, again and again

    • diane

      Praying! For eyes to see and ears to hear… and for a strong sense of His with-ness.

  4. Verne

    Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL and NEEDED reminder! It is not so much my to-do list as it is my “frets” that make me miss the moon, the crispness of the air and the beauty around me. Thank you for the blessed reminder.

    • diane

      Oh, do I ever get that! Together we are learning to entrust every single thing to God…


    Lovely Diane and such a good reminder when our day seems like too much
    We leave for Adia on Thursday for a month
    Bags of clothing and gifts and expectations to encourage those there
    And a list way too long between now and Thursday

    • diane

      Barbara, Just know I am praying the whole time you are away. For strength, for wisdom in stewarding your health, for richness, for joy!

  6. Doreen Avila

    Hi Diane I finished your book last night! I loved everything you wrote. I felt your words piercing my own heart. I really needed this . God has been silent but I have been distracted by life . I lost my daughter in love two years ago and my life changed. My marriage suffered and my health. It’s such a beautiful long story but my son is engaged now. God story. And so goes life. I am a wife and a step mom and gramma and have two boys grown . My husband retired two years ago so there’s another adjustment we’ve been married 10 years . I just want to hear from God and not take each day for granted! Soul is aching for that and fellowship . Sorry for rambling! Ugh!! Thank you again

    • diane

      Doreen, Sometimes rambling words get closest to the truth- in yours I can’t help but see His leading and guiding through the darkest valley of grief and beside the still waters where He becomes everything we need. It is an oft-times disillusioning journey. And yet now, on the other side, this is where the overflow of joy and rest and intimacy with the Shepherd spills over. I am praying, Doreen, for glimpses of the glory on the other side as you make your way through.

    • diane

      Doreen, Grief is often so loud we cannot hear God’s gentleness in the midst of it. But He is there! Grieving and hurting with you. Praying that you will see anther and taste and feel the presence of God in the midst of real life.

  7. Tracy Ingold

    Thank you.

  8. Diane, I’m not sure how your blog found it’s way to my inbox today. I had heard your interview on podcasts months ago and bought your book. I absolutely loved it! Your story drew me in and put me right there in the room with you. Thank you for sharing it! I hope your emails continue to make it into my in box, your words today very timely! My story is living the dailyness of chronic illness, my to do list long today, overwhelmed with pain and fatigue I gave in to a mid~morning rest and woke up to find your words!

    • diane

      Tammy, I’m so glad! And I am learning to care for myself more tenderly than I used to believe was good and right. I can wear out from listening, and need those rests in order to thrive. Praying that you will be gracious to your limitations and find His grace in the midst of your weakness.

  9. Caroline

    Yes. Trudging, moaning, lamenting.
    And grieving.
    Thank you for praying ?

    • diane

      Praying that you will have the courage to deny the lies that so many of us swallow in times of grief: that God has abandoned us. So, so opposite of the truth! He is right there grieving and lamenting with you. May His presence make all the difference.

  10. Callie

    So many to-dos… ? Hahah

    • diane

      I’ve been praying that your to-do list would only have His to-do’s on it. And for strength for those times when it’s a long, steep climb to the top.

  11. Lauralee

    Thank you.

    • diane

      I am praying for you dear Lily. And remember, He has your name inscribed on the palm of His hand…

  12. Shelby

    Beautifully said. Fall mornings bring me such joy and peace!
    I’m a young mama to a little 1-year old todder and originally from Portland, but we moved to Germany last year. Safe to say it’s been a crazy last few years!! I love reading your words. Always so uplifting 🙂

  13. Hillary

    Yes please!

  14. Jess

    I am finding myself lacking in joy as I go through life. Raising a foster child means I am always “on” and attentive to the fear and anxiety within his heart that oftentimes comes out in defiance, distancing, lies, etc. Being “on” in this way sucks life out of me and prevents me from recognizing beauty and joy in the everyday life. His moods can easily bring my down as well, if I am not careful. I would love your prayers. I’m also looking forward to hearing you speak at the conference in Stockton next weekend!

    • diane

      What you are doing– being Jesus to this child– is a holy calling. Of course you feel the weariness of it! Thank you for inviting me to pray, it is my honor to bear the burden with you. I look forward to meeting you in a few days.

  15. karren

    The to do list is so long and the childhood is so short, my oldest (18) is leaving for Marine Boot Camp in 10 days. Can you pray that I will use that time for love and care and put aside that to do list in favor of time with God and my sweet boy… Alway appreciate you sharing with us.


    • diane

      Praying! Especially for those unexpected moments- that you will hear the nudge and lean in to know what your man-child is saying.

  16. Monika


    Your blog is so full of wisdom. It fills up my aching heart when I don’t have the words. You continue to inspire me and help me see the bigger picture that Our Lord is continuously creating. Thank you for all you do.

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