This morning I am reveling in God’s goodness to me.

I am rich, wealthier than I ever thought possible.

Though I have yet to engage in the lovely practice of “counting gifts” in a journal of gratitude, my heart can’t help but keep track of God’s goodness to me.

I remember once, when I was in Bible College, a crusty old professor who seemed to delight in crushing the exuberance of incoming students, stated that, “the Cross is the gift, not these every day things we give thanks for.”

He was right of course. And wrong too.

The Cross is the gift, yet out of the ultimate sacrifice, a love grew and grows and spills over into our every-days. The joy we were meant to experience in the Garden shows up in bits and snatches of beauty on our way back into the kingdom in the here and now.

I think that cantankerous professor knows that now that he’s in the presence of the Giver of gifts. And I’ll bet he glows with the joy of it, instead of glowering as he once did.

Wanna know why I’m feeling so rich this morning?

 It’s cuz I have a secret I’ve been longing to tell you about and I finally can!

If you’ve been following my blog for long, you know that I started it with the help of my daughter, Elizabeth. She wrote The Kitchen portion of the blog as a way of helping us to see the value and beauty in food and feeding and glorifying God with and in our bodies. Before she and her family moved to L.A. she also held my hand as I learned how to do all the techie stuff.

Well, girls, she’s back in Portland. As in, living here. Right here… across the street and down two houses…

Brook and Elizabeth and Duke and Scarlet and Beatrice moved into a darling little house sixty steps from Firwood Cottage.

Can you believe it?

All the while I knew it might be happening I didn’t dare believe it would. (Why do we do that to ourselves?!) But it did! Too many “coincidences” to ever think this is anything but a great, big, beautifully wrapped gift from God.

I’m the wealthiest woman in the world!

 My pantry is filled with healthy, mom-approved snacks for all the moments in my day when the Grands come to check in on me— which they do, all through-out the day! Little Birdie breaks into the gentlest smile every time she sees me— and I can’t wipe the silly grin off my face when she does. How is it that a 5 month old can validate my entire life with one smile? I don’t know, but she does!

And I want to tell every young mom who is struggling this morning with the relentless exhaustion of being a meeter-of-needs to babies and toddlers and pre-schoolers:

What you are doing today is going to make you rich someday!

 You can’t see it now. I wish you could. I wish I had.

Every time you wipe that messy face, every time you cuddle that child close, every minute you put into that little one is an investment that will yield riches.

 I am counting my blessings over here in my cabin in the back… and every one of them have names. And I am praying for all you mamas who need to know it’s worth it.

May God give you the strength to believe that what you do today matters.

 From a heart bursting with the joy of it,


August 8, 2016
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  1. Becky F.

    Oh my goodness!! I’m squealing for joy over here! I’m thrilled for you, Diane, that Elizabeth is back AND just down the street! With all those cute little ones, too! What fun you’ll have! And what a gift you are and will be to your sweet girl and her sweet ones! Memories in the making! Love you all!

    • diane

      Ah Becky, you know me so well. I a having SO much fun. Having them just pop in all throughout the day is like eating dessert all day long!

  2. Lori

    Not only are you enjoying this blessing, your grandchildren will be so blessed to have their grandparents so close to share in their daily lives.

    • diane

      What a wonderful thing it is, right? That our Grands fill us with love and are filled with our love for them. Creating memories for a lifetime

  3. Stephanie

    Thank you for saying these words – a rare voice to find these days – that we will be rich from pouring in!! I so appreciate your optimism ❤️ most importantly, yay!! How sweet & precious that your daughter is so close by!! I hope to see them at westside. what an amazing story.

    • diane

      You are such a lovely mother! Already building a big bank account of love. And yes, Brook is going on staff at Westside so you’ll be seeing a lot of them.

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