I am an introvert.

I like to be alone. A lot.

My idea of being friendly to strangers is to nod my head when I walk by.

My idea of a great vacation is to read all day long every day. Then to take a walk and think about what I just read.

I am married to a man who actually talks to strangers. As in, engages in conversations. He admires their dog, asks the dog’s name, wants to know where they’re from, then tells them where we’re from and where we used to live and why he’s enjoying the sunshine and missing his dog.

So when my blog team suggested I write more about myself, be more personal and knowable, I just stared at these delightful girls sitting at my dining room table and said nothing.

But as all introverts know, just because I don’t talk a lot certainly doesn’t mean I suffer a deficit of words. Introverts actually do talk – we just talk internally. I am a chatterbox really. I just talk inside, long running dialogues about everything I see and smell and hear and feel and think and wonder.

Here, my dear friends are some of those ramblings:

Where I am right now: staying in a nice little condo right across from the beach in California for a week

Why? To soak our pasty-white skin in sunshine… and to make some progress on the spiritual parenting seminar we’re working on… to see our daughter who lives in L.A.

What I miss from home: The rain (don’t tell Phil), my dog, my kids, my grandkids.

Where I would live if I could live anywhere in the world: Portland, Oregon

What I’m reading right now: The Hobbit (I know, I know, you thought I was going to mention something super-spiritual!)

What I’m dreaming of doing someday: Writing a lovely fantastical tale for my grandkids— stocked full of fierce dragons and elusive unicorns and mystical creatures.

What I’m actually writing right now: My story. The whole sordid tale of my failure to accept my deafness with grace and then God’s shocking sufficiency and His beautiful way of speaking in my silence.

How it’s coming: S.L.O.W.

Why: Because I’m dabbling. And doing too much other stuff at the same time.

What other stuff? Preparing a new series for the blog, writing the spiritual parenting seminar Phil and I plan to teach Memorial Day weekend, plus all the other stuff that takes up space in a full life.

What I’m learning:  To listen. To stop striving and just be still. To receive, not passively but actively. And that sometimes I don’t get done what I want to get done because I don’t have a plan of how and when I’m going to get it done.

What haunts me: My need for people’s approval.

What I’d love to do someday: Take the whole family to Disneyland and stay in a hotel together and eat and laugh and talk and tease and take pictures and just play for a week.

What I’m enjoying: Instagram. I’m addicted. I love the pictures of babies and the off-beat humor and those brief glimpses into people’s real lives.

Okay, enough about me.

What about you?

Where are you right now? What are you enjoying? What haunts you?

If I can do it so can you…

From my heart,


February 13, 2013
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  1. Beth Viducich

    HI Diane,
    Just asked my whole family to do this challenge! My son-in-law was the winner and beat me to the task!

    Here is my response to your questions:
    Where I am right now: Home, in my robe, in the office— should be dressed and at Winco soon though!
    Why? Am I in the office?….computer is here and I just remembered that I want to get a pattern for the ‘post mastectomy pillow’ I used to put in with my files. P.S. I found 2!
    What I miss from home: When I am not here…. I miss my bed, my things having a place
    Where I would live if I could live anywhere in the world: somewhere with Tony and the sun/blue skies today! If my family is there, I could be too.
    What I’m reading right now: Mother Styles, Real Simple; Am supposed to be reading: 2 Views of Women in Ministry (just remembered that little thing); I just finished 2 books though— Surprised By Hope (a struggle at best for me to read) and Captivating (went through again with my Life on Life girl)
    What I’m dreaming of doing someday: Making fun memories with my growing family… from reading books to playing in the sand… that Disneyland family vacation almost rivals that cruise I think about too……WITH EVERYONE!
    What I’m actually doing/writing right now: Goals for today include shopping and packing for the beach, balancing the checkbook, fixing dinner and doing my physical therapy twice
    Why: I have a list and that is usually what prompts me to act and feel good about my day
    What I’m learning: More and more about my husbands’ heart and strengths…. boy do I have lots to grow in! Also, learning about love, being a quiet listener and slowing my speed. Cancer has been useful this way for me. TRUST and delegating too.
    What haunts me: not being able to keep up with the kids/grandkids physically. Tony’s wanting to change work in a couple years– I ‘trust’ but do I?
    What I’d love to do someday: This is hard for me… I live mostly for today and am delighted in that! To have all our grandkids together for a fun cousin time and let their parents play on their own! To live rightly for a whole day! To figure out what I am supposed to be/do/etc…… Maybe to go to Uganda (eek, did I say that?).
    What I’m enjoying: Being a mom to adult kids and watching/experiencing life together with them…. who would have known how fun this would be! To be Nanny to Eden and Jude and getting excited to meet and love another Rains…. and then to meet and love any more kiddos that come to our family. To be Beth— and to learn and grow how I am supposed to …. lastly, health and being content with what this ‘new’ me is….. God is good.

    • Beth I love, love, love this! I want everyone I know to fill in the blanks… now I know you so much better and fuller and realer (that should be a word). You have been a beautiful scout for so many of us, showing the way to endure something terrifying and terrible with grace and beauty.

  2. Steffi Webb

    I loved that you talked about being an introvert today Diane. I am finding that being one is truly a blessing. To want to sit and hear the lives and hearts of so many women, is such an incredible gift to me. As I sit here tis morning, I would not change a thing about me at all. Besides, I can be really extroverted when I type!

    • Steffi, Your acceptance and valuing of the way God made you is an inspiration to me. My girls call it “being comfortable in your own skin”. I’m heading slowly in that direction…

  3. This was wonderful! I have yet to read such an accurate description of myself as an introvert. Talking about yourself is so hard-it’s the worst! Thank you for sharing though. People take my quietness as intimidating, often because it is paired with my confidence in the Lord. Does that ever happen to you?

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Autumn,
      There is an excellent book out now for Introverts (and anyone who wants to understand them), called Quiet. I laughed my way through it and wish I’d had it when raising 2 Introverts of my own.
      My husband has taught me to ask questions- lots and lots of questions. And since Introverts long for meaningful relationships, those questions enable me to get close to people. I think that takes a lot of the awkwardness people feel. Most Introverts love people- just in smaller doses. Make sense?

  4. Stephanie Sticka

    Hi Diane,
    I’d love to join in the fun to!
    Where am I right now? In the upstairs of our very old 1920s home in Newberg.
    Why? I’m enjoying a day off of work.
    If I could live anywhere in the world where would I live? Probably Bend, Oregon. I love the outdoors there & the sunny dry weather. But still close to Portland. 🙂
    What am I reading right now? “Quiet” the book about being an introvert…I’m soaking it up right now as my husband, also an introvert, is stepping into leadership. It’s so encouraging to us!
    What am I dreaming of doing someday? Being a stay-at-home mom & I’d like to have a column in a newspaper.
    What am I learning right now? I’m learning that God writes our plans & our story as we are waiting for Him to bless us with pregnancy. Learning that I am fully loved by Him.
    What I’d love to do someday? Go to Hawaii with my big family…including all nieces, nephews, my brothers & sister. Have a big family vacation!!
    What haunts me? People moving away. I love my family & friends, it saddens me when they move away.
    What I’m enjoying? Dido on Instagram! Also, cast-iron pans….makes yummy food!

    Thanks for sharing your list Diane! It’s fun.
    Grace & Peace,
    Stephanie Sticka

  5. Hi beautiful Diane….

    I’m Jenni’s (Griffin) mom and I just wanted you to now how much:
    1. I appreciate this sweet post of a heart that loves and . . .
    2. That you continue to mentor my daughter by the silence of your life and by those words that you do speak.

    Thank you my dear friend! Enjoy your time away….


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