Somewhere across the world a little girl beckons me.

Amma, she calls, I want you.

I see it in her picture, that yearning for the love she’s never had. The way she twists her hands as if to stop herself from reaching for that longing.

Afraid to hope, unsure of what she doesn’t know.

And I see it in the shyness of her eyes and that soft little smile. Calling me, wishing for all the love I can hardly wait to give.

As if… she knows.

As if… the Father has whispered secret stories of life to be.

As if… she’s not sure that all she hopes is true but maybe it is.

And maybe there really is a family full of love coming soon to bring her home.

In just a few weeks my son and daughter will fly across the world to meet this one they’ve prayed for, hoped for, wished for.

And this little girl who longs for love will be embraced by a family.

She’ll sit on her father’s lap and laugh into those startling blue eyes, run brown hands along the milky white of her mother’s skin.

She’ll see pictures of the boys who will be her brothers. Those little guys who will grow up to watch over her and protect her and tease her

and sometimes drive her crazy.

And she’ll hear about me… her Amma. And Pops and her cousin Duke and a baby girl coming soon and all the aunts and uncles and other cousins and a whole church full of more love than she’ll ever possibly be able to hold in her heart.

From nothing to so much.

Because this abandoned girl is going to be adopted into a family. Our family.

And she’ll step into a new life with a new name and a future of love that lasts forever… no matter what.

Slowly but surely her hands will untwist. Her smile will reach her eyes.

Over the months and years she’ll fill out and grow up and

be a woman well loved.

And all that love will come spilling beauty for all the world to see.

And maybe I already know this story. Because isn’t it mine?

Was I not that orphan girl aching for more?

Afraid to hope.

Wishing for something but not sure what. Bruised and abandoned and barely surviving in a world gone bad.

Wasn’t that me not so long ago?

And now I have a family who loves me.

Those ones I call my brothers and more sisters than I can count.

With all their embracive caring and helping and making sure I’m good and well and known and seen.

Those ones who love me no matter what.

And I have a new name too. And a future filled with all that hope of forever.

And most of all I have a Father.

One who sets me on His lap and listens.

Who tells me I am His. Who whispers what He wants for me to do and be.

Because He has plans for me.  Because He knows me. Because He loves me.

Long ago, even before He made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in His eyes.

His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into His own family by bringing us to Himself through Jesus Christ.

And this gave Him great pleasure.

Ephesians 1:4,5

Someday soon a little girl is coming home to write her story here. And her story will show us ours.

I can hardly wait.

From my heart,


February 9, 2012
My Heart
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  1. Judy Wright

    Love this Diane….wow, God has a way of speaking through you to touch the hearts of so many. Can’t wait to meet your new little granddaughter and to love on her and support her in the body of Christ at Solid Rock. She is one lucky little lady entering your loving family!

    • And she is one lucky little one to get to be loved on by this church! How are we not going to overwhelm the her with all this waiting?

  2. Abigail Jauregui

    Diane, this Auntie too cannot wait to embrace this precious little girl! My heart is so enraptured by her little face and the glow in her eyes. It all brings me so….much…Joy!

    • I kept thinking of you and those little cousins in Bend… isn’t she just going to have a blast with all the Jauregui/Comer/Mosser/(and someday) Opperman clan?

  3. Diane, i remember one time, you sharing how you did not want to move away from your community. A community you wanted to be a part of, grow up and raise your kids in, and then God gave that to you through the Solid Rock family. I can only imagine this bright little girl, coming into those arms of love from an Amma who loves so deeply. Praying for this precious new addition to your family.

    • God had given me this open-hearted family here at Solid Rock… and now thru the blog, a family that brings their input and help and wisdom and love from all around the world. I love being adopted into God’s family… and this little one will be a daily reminder of that.

  4. Nicole

    Beautiful! You had me in tears by the time I got to “Our Family.”

    • Could you feel my tears falling as I wrote these words early in the morning, wanting so badly to rock her and hold her and sing in off-tune way that the little ones seem to love?

  5. This is beautiful Diane. I’m anticipating with you as you wait to meet your new granddaughter.

  6. Ann Menke

    Oh my goodness Diane, I am in tears at the beauty of your words and knowing how loved this beautiful little girl (a gift from God) already is through her family and extended family and through her gracious and beautiful Father. We are praying for you ALL as you get ready to meet her in person and watch the story unfold with you all in it. How exciting!! Reading this made me think about the children around Jesus! I can only imagine their faces and their laughter being with our Savior. You are beautiful Amma.

    • You know, I have an old print of the Sunday School classic of a (very white) Jesus welcoming children onto His lap. Such assurance to know that He’s got her there… so far away, yet so close to His own care.
      I love being Amma! So great to never have to say no, to just be their hero…and to receive the overflow of all that grace-giving love from both the grandkids and their parents. And I am so glad they’ve seemed to purpose to put away and forget all those crabby days when I forgot what I was all about all those many years ago.
      Love to you, Diane

  7. Rhonda Hadlock

    This is simply lovely, Diane! You spoke directly to my heart. Yes, that was me. How remarkable it is to be loved by the Father and His children!

  8. Nothing but a heart full of joy at reading this!

  9. Beth Viducich

    Dear Diane,

    Reading this at Sea-Tac enroute home from loving my own that call me Nana…. tearing up knowing the love you will all have for this little girl! We too are eager to love her! 🙂

    • Dear Beth, I love how much you love your entire family! And now with that little girl waiting for her Nana to come again… you’re certainly using up airline miles!

  10. Sharon Richardson

    Beautiful….deep and gentle excitement, with the promise of new stories of love, faithfulness and a home called hope. 🙂

    • I love that, “a home called hope”… May He fill her heart with hope every day, and may she be enabled by His love to keep her heart open to receive.

  11. Mom, you always make me CRY when I read your blog! I would say you should stop that….but I must confess I almost look forward to the tears. The unique way you speak of our God has a powerful way of reminding me that He is indeed our Daddy, our Abba, who loves and delights in us, even when we act like immature and foolish little children (or in my case when i incessantly ask “But how do you KNOW its true??”). You’ve done that all my life and I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you for it. Keep writing mom! I’ll keep a tissue box handy : )

  12. Jodi Stilp

    Wow Di. I love this post. And I love your precious granddaughter – Tammy showed me her picture. She’s beautiful. I can’t wait to meet her.

  13. Tiffany Babcock

    I absolutely loved this post because you see, I went to Uganda this summer with the Bridge and met that oh so precious little granddaughter of yours. She stole my heart and I see that she has already stolen yours 🙂 I can’t wait to see her thriving in her new family!

    • Dear Tiffany, I heard about you! Tammy told me “someone” had just fallen in love with our little one. I cannot wait to meet her and to know her and to pour out all my grandma love all over her. Thank you for listening to the Spirit and being His hands and feet. God bless, Diane

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