A LOVE STORY: by sarah nelson

When I was thirteen, God told me I was going to marry Ian.

That was also when God began speaking to me through dreams. I hadn’t originally asked God to show me who my husband would be, but I woke up one morning after having an incredibly vivid dream of my wedding day. When my groom turned around to greet me, I saw his face.

It was Ian Nelson’s face.

That’s a lot of information for a thirteen-year-old to keep inside–for five illegal years. Although I had doubtful “Gideon moments” (Judges 6:36-40), I tested, waited, and trusted that God knew what He was doing (brilliant idea, I know).

As an eighteen year-old worship leader in my youth group and a close friend of my big sister’s, Ian and I were nothing more than “pals”. He was my guitar teacher. He took my sister to his senior prom. We don’t remember the moment we met. And he was five years older than me! Even though we were just friends (and not only because it would’ve been creepy if we were more…) there was obviously an unusual connection between the two of us. I’m pretty sure everyone saw it, but no one understood it. We didn’t either.

I remember conversations that took place in my parent’s living room between us friends—OK, so maybe I was the tagalong—about the kind of person we wanted to marry someday. Ian was part of that group and I was sneaky. I’d compare what he said in those groups to qualities he’d already pointed out to be some of my strengths. I paid such close attention to him because, in the back of my mind, I was testing what I thought God had spoken to me.

(Ian, 18 Me, 13)

Ian went away that summer and we wrote each other letters in order to maintain our friendship. But when he came home in August, things began to change. We decided that since I was going to be in high school now, the stage in life where the once innocently significant age gap between us began to shrink and things would start to look weird.

Ian started dating someone and so did I.

[Enter the three-year period of awkwardness]

I was embarrassed that I was so quick to believe that a couple of meaningless dreams revealed my future. I was embarrassed that I’d confided this to my mom. I was embarrassed at the thought of Ian finding out.

Somewhere though, in the deepest crevices of my heart, I was certain that it was God who had spoken to me

“Let us hold tightly to the hope we profess, for He who has promised is faithful.”—(Hebrews 10:23)

and that in the end, I would end up spending my life with Ian. Things had changed so much though, it was going to take a miracle!

Sure enough, two years later, during the summer before my senior year of high school, we began connecting a bit more over the death of a mutual friend. We talked to each other about everything and saw each other regularly. During that time, I remember sitting outside on the curb next to him. He asked me “At what point do you think we’ll no longer be in each other’s life?” I responded with a long pause and then an “I just can’t picture that ever happening.” He agreed.

In December 2007 I started getting signs that Ian was interested in me. It was easy to tell since he paid so much attention to me! I didn’t dare say anything though, and I didn’t let him treat me like his girlfriend (hanging out every time he wanted to/sit by him/let him pay for my coffee, etc.)

Two months later, in February 2008, during my last year of High School, we both went on a church trip to Israel. We sat by each other on the plane, and then on the bus. I was embarrassed that he was being so obvious in front of everyone without having talked to me about it first, but it didn’t bother me enough to reject his company on a long bus ride : )

We stayed up late, walking and talking, and on about the third night of the trip, on the beach overlooking the Sea of Galilee, he finally admitted that he had “big boy feelings” for me. Yes, those were his actual words. Then he sat me down and listed all the things he loved about me and the reasons he knew his feelings were real. (He says now that at that point his mindset was “if this girl will have me, I’m going to marry her.”)

I acted surprised and tried to hide my smile.

Even though I was nervous to finally be faced with my dream in the form of reality, and even though things had changed so much over the years, God helped me desire what He desired for me–the very thing He’d promised me five years prior.

After that conversation we planned to date as soon as I was done with high school.

That was in February and in April I started getting cold feet selfish.

I was barely eighteen and not even done with high school.

I was two months away from starting a dating relationship with the guy I knew I was going to marry.

Do you know what that feels like?

I knew that once our relationship started, that was it.

Us dating = us together forever.

I told Ian everything and he was heartbroken, but we still had two months until we made things official so it was not yet a public upset.

As soon as I got over myself we were able to move forward (funny how that works).

And on my last morning of school, I walked out to my car to find three dozen pink roses and hundreds of gold-foiled chocolates sprinkled all over the seats. On the driver’s seat was a little picture of our heads glued onto a picture of a male model carrying a female model on his back. At the top of the picture were the words “Will you be my girlfriend?”

I called him later that day and [obviously] said yes!

He came to my graduation with a bouquet of flowers. I think we were both giddy…

We dated for another nine months (June 2008-February 2009) and on February 27th he proposed! He got down on his knee at our favorite park in Corvallis and then we rode off to the beach in a limo!

(Right after he proposed)

On a rainy day in September 2009, the clouds parted and the sun shone down on us as we made our vows to God and each other in front of all of our friends and family. We just celebrated our two-year anniversary and we still love life together!

Looking back on our relationship used to make me feel funny, but now I think of it as “special”. I am so glad everything evolved the way it did and that we get to spend forever together!

Journal entry to my future husband 11/11/03 (age thirteen):

I wonder if I know you right now, at age thirteen. That would be so weird to look back and see what our relationship was like at this age. I may not even know you until college.

January 21, 2004:

I had a dream the other night. It was abut my wedding day. I saw everyone’s face. Including yours!

January 25, 2004 (three days after I turned fourteen):

I think that God has revealed who you are to me. It is hard to think of getting married to you if you are who I think you are. But I think that God is molding my heart to first love you as a brother and a friend so that one day I can best love you as my husband.

July 26, 2005:

Ian, you broke up with your girlfriend a couple of days ago and I was completely shocked! During the time that you two were dating, the Lord was doing an incredible work in me regarding my faith and trust in Him. When you guys first started dating, I was beginning to doubt that God had truly spoken to me. Then I finally came to the realization that He is in control and He can do whatever He wants and if what He wants is for you to get a girlfriend to see if I still trust Him, than He will do so. Since I have to come to the realization that it is OK for God to work this way, He has broken you two up.

June 23, 2008:

We just went on our first date and you kissed me and told me you were in love with me. Instead of returning the compliment, I asked how you knew and your answer was “Because I can’t imagine living life without you.”

September 3, 2009 (two days before our wedding):

I can’t believe that I’m already here—writing a real letter to my real husband-to-be! You are the love of my life and I am so grateful that the Lord brought us together!

I think the moral of our story is to trust God and let Him work out the timing. We’ve all tried to get ahead of God at one point or another, and not just when we think it is “of Him”. Whether you know, or you don’t know, or you wish you did or didn’t know; ask, listen, and then trust God. I was so certain and yet still worried about this for five whole years of my emotional teenage life! It’s not worth it. God designs the most beautiful scenarios and then we spoil them with our impatience. Just don’t do it.


December 12, 2011
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  1. Such a beautiful and unique story! I love this Sarah. God truly is so very wonderful!

  2. Truly a precious story. One that so many young girls miss, that quiet voice spoken from God into hearts yearning to follow Him, still distracted by the world’s view of love. It can happen sooner than later and God continues to speak, we just have to trust Him. Beautiful Mrs. Nelson

    • Sarah

      Thanks Elizabeth! Sometimes I think it was harder knowing rather than not knowing, and waiting through that. Trusting God was a battle even when I had found “The One”. He totally knows what each of us need and what will bring us closer to Him in the midst of it all : )

  3. echo

    I love your sweet story! It’s funny how he totally keeps us who marry “young” on our toes as well. I did not have to “wait” for Andy, he was thrown at me by God and I had no choice 🙂 I was NOT looking for a husband in any way shape or form… But God knew he was just what I needed! You are going to love it when you’re my age- 28 and married almost 9 years! SO FUN!

    • Sarah

      Couldn’t agree more, Echo! I love that I got married young : )

      • Georgette

        Hi Sarah ! Your story is so awesome . I’m not yet married but my story is similar to yours . At age 18 I was dating this Christian guy and thought he would be my husband until oneday I saw this guy and said he was going to be my husband . To my surprise almost ten years ago I met the guy the same description in my vision…… I would have dreams about him and tell him and I’m always right … Please pray for me because none believes me . Sometimes I doubt buy deep inside I know he’s the one it’s so hard at times

  4. Steffi Webb

    Such a wonderful story Sarah. I am always amazed at how we tend to doubt God when we should be trusting with hearts of joy. May young women look at this and realize that the joy is in the waiting and believing. My husband was certainly thrown into my path and the joy since then has been overflowing. May God continue to bless both you and Ian on this incredible journey. Take Care.

  5. I love your story Sarah, I remember reading it on your blog 🙂 I love your line, “God designs the most beautiful scenarios and then we spoil them with our impatience.” I feel like that’s where I’m at right now and I need the constant reminder to sit back and let God write my story instead of me. Thank you for the encouragement and you looked so gorgeous on your wedding day! Love that pic!

  6. Amy

    I read your love story when I first “met” you and I loved reading it again and hearing new details. What an incredible story!

  7. Ashley Gayaldo

    Sarah, I remember hearing your and Ian’s story for the first time that one night in Uganda! It is such a beautiful encouragement of the Lord’s PERFECT plan. I really love when you said, “It’s not worth it. God designs the most beautiful scenarios and then we spoil them with our impatience. Just don’t do it.”

    Love you!

  8. Anna Norman


    You two have such an amazing story that is truly, just beginning. My girlfriends and I were just talking about how interesting it is that God shares with the woman first and gives her the assurance regarding who she should wait for. I love that you waited at a time when most girls just desire any guy to look at them. Thank you for being such a great example!

    Love, Anna N

  9. I adore Sarah and just love that you did a feature about her love story here…and what a love story that is! I love hearing how people meet, but I also love hearing about how life takes you on some different paths, but in the end you end up where you are supposed to be, just as Sarah and Ian did…together! Super cute! Thank you for sharing this on your lovely blog!

    Liesl 🙂

  10. Zebby Wheelock

    Sarah, thank you for sharing such a lovely love story. Also, of reminding us that dreams and visions are very real and we need to be attentive to the Lord and blessings will follow. What a beautiful story for two beautiful people. May He continue to bless both of you and you continue on your wonderful journey as husband and wife. Just beautiful!

  11. What a great love story! I used to wonder growing up who I would marry and where they were or if I knew them at the time. It turned out to me my brothers friend who I knew through high school! His dad also taught me in a class at church one year. 🙂

  12. Charleen

    Wow! Look at God’s creativity in putting this couple together–one side of the story anyway! Our God is so great and personal, He defies principles, patterns and preconceptions! Loved this, really loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ann Menke

    Sarah, this is a beautiful story. I love how God showed you your path and you faithfully listened.
    I am seeing more and more how God uses our dreams if only we will listen. Getting married young is the best!!! After 31 years I so clearly see Gods hand over our lives. Thank you for sharing your story.

  14. Hayley

    Thank you for sharing this story! It is encouraging, yet burdensome! I can’t imagine having to carry the weight of that knowledge for 5 long years!

    • It was burdensome at times, but I have no doubt that it was all part of God’s plan in protecting me through all the years and pressures of high school!

  15. Lesley Anderson

    So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Wow this spoke directly to my heart and should be a story that reaches out to everyones eyes! God is beautiful….

  17. Joe Taussig

    Our story came up on my facebook news feed. Just amazing! Its so inspiring to read about how you trusted in God even with a three year awkwardness period. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Lauren Easley

    My favorite love story. I remember hearing this when you came to summer camp with Ian. You stayed in our cabin and we all surrounded you as you shared your precious story. It taught me to listen to listen and wait, because God really does have a beautiful plan. Thank you.

  19. alena

    Wow! this is such an amazing/powerful story! So happy for you!

  20. Jodi Stilp

    Sarah – I loved getting to know you better through your story and it’s a great one. As I read it, I kept thinking, “My oldest daughter will be 13 in 3 years. AGHHHHH!” Where does the time go? And how awesome to hear of a young girl following hard after Jesus. I’m so encouraged.

  21. Leslie Manning

    Oh YAY! I FINALLY had a chance to read this (even though I got to hear your Jesus love story in Uganda…btw, how cool was that?) and it just make me love you even more! What a beautiful reminder that God honors our faithfulness when we listen, trust and obey Him. He has SO VERY MANY gifts for each of us if we would just say yes to the “sounds-crazy-at-the-time” things God has for us. Love you!

  22. Looking for hope

    Wow…this is exactly where I am. I’ve been friends with this girl since we were 11 (me) and 8 (and our families deep close friends as well), and now at 21 and 18, I’m not sure what’s going on.

    I’ve wondered about this girl and hoped for years. I love her family to pieces, and our hearts and passions seem to line up beautifully. We’ve definitely had “big person feelings” for each other for a while now (well, as much as an 18 yr old can) but have conveniently managed to talk about everything BUT that. This past summer I finally came to the conclusion that I just gotta know, I can’t lose this possibility without trying…so I did. We talked, and through some difficult but amazing conversation with her and her parents and mine, it seemed things really were going to start going that way. She admitted she’s loved me since she was 12; a little bit before I think I started liking her. She’s been heartbroken a couple times from the two girls I’ve dated since then, but I’ve been wanting marriage since I was 5 years old (:D) and have always been super serious about relationships. It was never just for fun, in fact I was too serious. Nevertheless she’s still been there. So we started to move forward, but she couldn’t yet so I told her I’d wait for her and give her freedom, that she didn’t have to worry she’d lose me, but then she told me that’s not fair for me to wait around while other guys can chase, so I should pursue her. I did, and things started getting magical! Yet…we weren’t “dating”, we’d never committed, I was doing that knight-in-shining-armor pursual thing…which I’m really tired of and I think is inaccurate. I want to fall deeper in love with my best friend! Not have to slay dragons and climb relentlessly tall towers…I already had to do that in a previous broken relationship because of serious baggage the girl had, and it really did some damage to me.

    In essence, things started going downhill, she started backing away, and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I was trying so hard to do everything honorably and right, and yet it wasn’t “working”. She started saying all of these sentences starting with “I want…” and I get the feeling she’s exactly where you were in April of senior year. She just finished her senior year (well, last spring) as well, so I can see similarities. I keep wondering if she’s at that point you mentioned, “us dating = us together forever” , she certainly talked that way and seemed hesitant like that was reality.

    Regardless, I got a letter from her saying she can’t be half-dating me and be able to live her life and do what God has for her. She said her heart for me is as a brother and still wants to be in my life (which is so hard for me to hear…only a brother? Do you not love me more? I thought you did…) but can’t look at the dating road. But we’d already started that road….and honestly I’m not sure I can go back to “just friends”, it hurts a lot. Yet our families are such deep friends way beyond anything that happens between us, so I can’t just let go and walk away, we all love each other too much.

    I know God has a perfect plan and his timing is perfect, but I’m struggling to find hope. I know you don’t have answers, but maybe your mind has been through exactly what she’s going through right now (some selfishness). Is it ok to hope in something I see so beautiful in my human eyes, my limited vision? What complicates this is 200 miles between us, so it’s not like it’s very convenient in this point and time anyway. But I struggle to find patience, and despite being in a loving, strong family, I worry that no girl could ever love me (which is preposterous, but still the worry persists, bolstered by that previous relationship where the girl didn’t love me after I thought she did and told me so). I know my hope is to be first in God, and I know he is good and works out things for those who love him, and I do. But right now I’m so confused, I thought I knew, then things go a different way, and suddenly I realize I have no clue what God is doing. I think I’m simply looking for hope.

  23. Carissa

    Thank you for this story. As women I feel like sometimes it is hard to trust in God’s plan when society is constantly pushing men, dating and marriage in our faces. Stories like this remind me of the Lord’s faithfulness and for the fact that I can’t and never would want to change the Lord’s plan for my life. He truly does work all things together for our good. If I have learned anything recently it is that the Lord’s plans for my life will always work out a lot better than my own. Thank you for sharing. It truly is a blessing to be encouraged by stories like this.

  24. Hannah

    This is a really great testimony sarah, thankyou for sharing:) God’s told me who I’m going to marry too and I’m only 16. I didn’t believe of course but after I read your story I think I now believe that he is going to do the same thing to me. Did you ever wish that he hadn’t told you? Did you ever date other guys even when you knew or did you stay single all the time for Ian?

  25. Rebekah Curtiss

    That is such an amazing story! It’s mind blowing the things God reveals to us. By the way, that dress looks amazing on you!

  26. Your blog is beautiful! The photos, the writing, the story itself. You are keeping your heart in the right place and it is paying off. Blessings to you!

  27. Keyandra

    Your story I inspires me so much. The moment I decided to submit that part of my life to the lord he told me who my husband was. I’m 19 and I have no idea how to wait patiently.. I have felt every feeling one can feel since he told me.

  28. Coco

    Hi Sarah. Finding this post was so encouraging even though its been 2 years since this was posted. Your story is very similar to mine except I was older when God revealed my future husband to me and we are not dating yet. If you don’t mind me asking, what type of signs did you ask for when you went through your “Gideon monents”? In the beginning I received a definite yes but when I have asked recently I have been getting some ” no’s”. It would be helpful to know what kind of doubts I might go through before saying ” I Do” concerning my future husband. Thankyou for sharing your story!

    • Hi Coco,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I was very young at the time so I pretty much just asked God in a juvenile/straight forward way. Things like, “Ok, if we’re really gonna be together then make one more person (like a mutual friend) say something about us (people would tease us about how compatible we were.

      There were also times I’d ask God to bring Ian to my house that same day (when no prior plans had been made), if we were really gonna be together.

      As silly as those things seem, God ALWAYS followed through by proving His truth to me in the ways I’d asked– even when it should’ve been considered doubt.

      Hope that helps!

  29. Ali

    I love this! My husband and I are 19 and 20 and it is so encouraging to me to read of others who got married young too! It’s the best! Especially when the foundation of your relationship is Jesus! God is amazing!

  30. Okay, this is really weird. I just commented a few minutes ago… Said I wouldn’t be a creeper but then I read this

    it’s UNREAL how much our love stories are the same. Met my husband in high school. We agreed to wait to date until after I graduated. I got MAJOR cold feet bc I knew if we dated, I would marry him. I tried to call it off, he wouldn’t let me. Then the rest is history. He is also 5 years older than me. They are both pastors and we have little boys… Seriously. kinda creeped out how much our lives are similar. haha. okay. I’m done weirding you out I promise!

  31. I absolutely love reading your story, Sarah! I have heard it before, but reading it is truly a blessing. I always knew {yep, always} that you guys were going to get married. I had this very weird, and indescribable peace, that even though it wasn’t the perfect timing, you two were made for each other and that God was fashioning each of you for the other- through all of life’s experiences 😉 I am thankful to know you both, and to be a small part of your story. I am so incredibly happy for the two of you and I love watching your lives beautifully unfold through your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Your secret stalker and friend,
    Alicia 🙂

  32. Coco

    Thank you so much for your quick reply Sarah, it really helped! I really appreciate how honest your reply was.On the day I found this story, I had just seen him and was thinking that even though God gave me the first sign I asked for, maybe it was all in my head. Things weren’t going the way I expected them to go and I was having doubts. I knew I was supposed to find this because you have the same first and married last name as my sister who just happened to be facebooking me at the exact same time I was reading this. God wrote my sister a beautiful love story even better than what she had in mind. The part about not worrying really hit home because for about 6 months after God gave me the sign, I was so worried about how our story would happen and if the other girls he liked would prevent things from happening. I am truly thankful that I found this story. Over the past few months I have realized even if things don’t turn out the way I hope they will, God is still God, and He will give me something better than what I can imagine.

    Thank you again for your reply,

  33. Taylor Sullivan

    I love your story its so sweet. I feel like im in a similar situation knowing that I am sure God revealed to me who my husband will be someday soon. It’s very detailed and hard to wait even when i am sure its not me planning all of this.

    • Hi Taylor,

      Isn’t it a blessing to “know” ahead of time? Resting in the knowledge that God does have someone for you? But I agree, it is also a burden when the timing isn’t right quite yet 🙂 Praying for you.


  34. Linda

    Wow Thank you for that !!!!
    I know who my husband is too and I wasn’t suppose to say anything I did and he denied it, wow I have to wait on God cause I know he is in love with me, but is afraid of me, Wow
    ok I got the message thank you. God Bless you

  35. Keli

    Thank you soooo much for posting this. I just did a google search to see if God told anyone else who their spouse was to be yet it just didn’t seem to be going that way in the natural. That is my current situation. I was just asking God for a confirmation. I see signs all of the time, yet I don’t fully trust them. I asked God if he could send a complete stranger to confirm this for me. I don’t know if stumbling on this article was it, but it has helped me tremendously. There all kinds of reasons why I know this person is the one. Patience has never been my strong suit. I guess I tried to take control of this thing and need(ed) to leave it to God and his perfect timing. Again thank you.

  36. Hayley

    hi I know I’m reading this a few years after it was posted but it has been so encouraging to me. God told me when i would meet the guy i’m going to marry and what age we will be married. i didn’t believe it so i googled it and this came up. that verse in Hebrews really encouraged me as did your story! thank you so much 🙂 God is good

  37. amy

    God has told me too whom I’m going to marry, when we’re going to start dating, when we’ll get married and even that we’re going to have a daughter the year after getting married. I always felt that he was the right guy but I didn’t want to live by what I felt but by the Holy Spirit guiding me and I asked the Lord to take away my doubt if he was indeed the man I was suppose to marry and sure enough He did. I now don’t have any doubt but a ‘wow, Jesus put you aside just for me’ feeling. I had also asked God to give me more signs, time and time again He did. I’m so grateful that He has told me. Right now we’re both 21 and at the moment just friends I know God WILL bring us together like He has said He will cause He’s not a man that He should lie. Words can’t explain how excited to see these things happen, how happy I am that the Lord has told me so and ever so thankful that God is a personal God Who can reveal to His daughter whom her (future) husband is! Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your encouarging story. God bless you and us all. In Jesus’ Holy and Matchless name AMEN

  38. Madge

    This is kind of my story right here. I am in the waiting now and I have the Gideon moments. I have no doubt but some events make me scared worried But God is faithful, I’m so happy for you.

    • Thank you for the sweet words, Madge.

      God’s past faithfulness demands our present trust… Even when it hurst to wait ; ) He is a good God and wants to give good gifts to His children. Sometimes we just have to wait because the miracle and blessings are in the details : )

      Praying for you!

  39. Bridget

    Sarah, thank you so so much for sharing this story, it’s so encouraging. A few months ago God showed me the man whom He said is to be my husband, like yourself God reveals many things to me through dreams. A few days later he showed me how he would date two other women before we were to finally be together. I have become good friends with this man and we would have begun dating had it not been for him moving. We are now oceans apart and a week ago he told me he had begun dating someone, I was crushed since I had been waiting for him but I told him that I just wanted him to be happy. I spoke to my grandmother about everything and she confirmed that God had already spoken to her about it. I just trust God but I have at times doubted Him it’s really hard but when I read your story I just knew that it was not a coincidence and that God had led me here for encouragement. So thank you and may God bless you with a prosperous marriage and lovely God fearing children.

    • It is quite heart-breaking when the man you want is with another woman, isn’t it? Don’t worry about it, though! Especially if God did reveal those details to you, you have no reason to worry… just trust patiently and enjoy the season of life you’re in!


      • Bridget

        Hi Sarah,

        Thank you so much for the reply. Truly it is difficult and heartbreaking sometimes but I know that there must be a reason for this current situation. I really don’t understand what God is trying to teach me. Perhaps He wants me to learn to trust Him and to believe that His grace is sufficient for me and His strength is made perfect in weakness.

        I simply must continue to believe that He who began a good work in me is faithful to complete it. I must rely on His strength because I know on my own I cannot make it.

        Thank you so much for the encouragement, I hope one day to report back with good news:)

  40. Elizabeth

    This story has helped me so much cuz I’m going thought the same thing too at 16… ASK,LISTEN,TRUST!!!

  41. ladyinwaiting

    Hi Sarah I have a question for you in event you’re still checking these comments:) And actually anyone that has a similar story please feel free to chime in and most important of all please pray.

    I have a similar story in that God revealed the person I’d marry or at least I believe He has. This is someone I did not know but was familiar with because he did acting work for a friend of mines. He stopped me one day as I was going to work, complimented me and asked me for my phone number. To my own surprise I gave it to him but remember thinking I can’t believe I just did that, he’s probably not even a believer! I won’t get into too many details of my story but long story short God began to show me things specific to what I’d prayed for in a husband and how he fits the bill. I’ve since spoken to my Pastor’s wife about him and she’s praying with me, she also knows him due to some work he did for her and my Pastor.

    The guy never called me because well I essentially believe God prevented it from happening in a not yet sort of way but as God begin to show me things about the guy, I began to “fall” in love with him. It’s been an almost 2 year wait and that love hasn’t died if anything it’s grown but so has doubt.

    My question to you Sarah, and again anyone that has the same story, how did you deal with this as you waited? I imagine as a teen it being even easier to become love struck so to speak, did you face that at all while waiting for God to bring you and Ian together and I guess in general what did your waiting look like when it came to the emotions and keeping them at bay?

    Thanks so much for reading!

    • Hi Lady in Waiting,

      Isn’t knowing ahead of time a blessing AND a burden? The waiting part being the burden… Because the waiting was such a long season for me, I really just never thought of Ian in that way. Knowing it would make our friendship super awkward and things like that. I was also really determined to enjoy each present season of my life, not living in the dreams/hopes/or promises of the future.

      Waiting is the “Trust” part in my Ask-Listen-Trust combination. And the hardest.

      I encourage you to enjoy living in the now, resting in the knowledge that you have exciting things ahead. This will help putting your heart at peace until God says He is ready for you to be with this man. Praying for you, sweet girl!


  42. ladyinwaiting

    Hi Sarah God is so faithful thank you for your words, not just to my comment but the others and thanks for getting back so fast! You’ve spoken exactly what God has to me His words are always to hope and to trust. I realize when I took some time to think on it yesterday because this issue of being impatient happens sporadically and when examining why I realize it’s when I’m most aware of my current wilderness experience. I got to the place when “I’m” ready for it to end and start questioning everything.

    I thank you for praying (for the second time, reached out via email once before) currently feeling His peace again:)

  43. Carynn

    Hello Sarah,

    Thank you so much for sharing your love story! I have the same situation going on and I have found this article to be very encouraging and also confirming. It’s not always easy, knowing who you’re going to marry and choosing to trust God even when it seems impossible. But I know it will be well worth it 🙂

    – Carynn

  44. Believer

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am in a similar situation. I had a dream that revealed my husband almost 2 years ago. He is actually someone I had a relationship with in college. He has a new girlfriend. We rarely talk anymore. We’ve been broken up for almost 3 years and only text on each other’s birthday (and he contacted me on Christmas this past year).

    Honestly, I have been very impatient. I have went back and forth in my faith over the past few years. I’ve tried to make myself move on but it never works and I continue to have dreams. I have been pretty strong lately and have been trying my best to be patient and wait for what God has for me.

    But anyway, thank you again. This is encouraging and awesome to know that God also revealed your gift of dreams/visions first with your husband. Please keep me in your prayers.

    • Sometimes all you can do is wait… but isn’t it the pits?! Praying for you to find patience and comfort in the promises God has given you. I do know Jesus wants to be your first love and “good ENOUGH” for you so be careful not to fall into the trap of loving Him only for what he CAN do for you, for what He HAS done already needs to be enough!

      Your season of waiting is in my prayers : )

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  46. "molly"

    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I was searching on the internet, just grasping for something…as I just read that “he” has a girlfriend on fb. This sounds so childish, but it is true anguish. I am 36 and the Lord spoke to me 3 years ago next month about a guy. I “believe” we will be married one day. It’s unreasonable, I don’t understand it, but the Lord spoke to me in such an audible way that I could never deny it. I have pleaded and cried and sought the Lord over this with my entire heart. (Jeremiah 29:13) The Lord has confirmed it to me in countless ways, mainly scriptures. I have documented it all, including throughout my Bible and in a journal. I have good days and bad days in my waiting room as far as now strong my faith and trust is…I can’t lie. Our short relationship was fun, yet very noncommittal on his part and it died as quickly as it began. I have not spoken to him in almost 3 years and don’t really know anyone who knows him. I have not pursued him, stalked him (other than looking at his fb pg at times), manipulated him or the situation in any way. I 100% want to sit back and let the Lord do His work and be pursued by this guy when (and if) the time comes. None of my friends/family whom I have told (approx 5-7) believe me. They don’t say it that way, but they skirt around it and it is clear that they don’t believe it is true. I have begged the Lord to take “this” from me, to take him out of my life…I mean, why would I want someone who obviously doesn’t seem to want me? However, the Lord just keeps it there. It is something that feels natural and peaceful in my relationship with the Lord. However, when I exist in the real world and watch marriage/relationships/etc happening for everyone else and the time just keeps ticking by…I always wonder…and doubt. I just don’t understand it. Yet, it is there. Then, when I read this (about him having a girlfriend)…my heart was broken. I remember, over the years, saying to the Lord…please just don’t let me see him out with someone…that would kill me. This is almost as bad. I am ashamed to say that my faith just melted into a puddle when I read it. It is embarrassing how quickly and easily my “rock solid” faith that I thought I had, waned so much so that I just feel like I can’t move forward. I don’t mean suicide. Not that at all. I just feel like I have already struggled with this without knowing he has a girlfriend and now this has just destroyed my faith over this issue. I hate to admit this, but this is how I feel right now. I want to move forward, but my whole Bible has notes throughout it referring to him. Deep within, I still feel it is there, from the Lord, but I just need strength to pick myself back up. I am just so tired of waiting. I don’t want to ever disregard the Sovereignty of God and I realize that my thoughts seem to, but I also think that the Lord can handle our thoughts. I have to be honest because it’s not like he doesn’t know anyways. As difficult as this is….your site encouraged me and reading other people’s stories encouraged me as well. Thanks again.

    • Hi Molly,

      Sounds like you are going through a rough season : ( I am so sorry to hear that! Waiting is so hard.. I remember a season when I was wishing I didn’t “know” this part of my future because it made my present so much harder to enjoy.

      Praying that you can find comfort in Him and the promises He has given you. Also, that your faith will be made stronger in a time like this (when nothing makes sense) instead of shattering to bits because of this relationship with another woman. It’s hard though, I know…


  47. emily

    You have no idea how much this just helped me:) God told me when i was 15 who i was going to marry. I met him and instantly had feelings for him, so i began to think to myself why i liked him, to make sure i had my intentions right, and i felt like i distinctly heard God say “because you are going to marry him”. He is 2 and a half years older than me and i am a really shy person, and on top of that he had feelings for my best friend…so i could never see it working out and him caring about me. So I told myself i was imagining it and it wasnt god, just me. But then the story of moses and the burning bush came to my mind, how moses was afraid of speech, but god told him he was with him and would help him, and i felt confirmed. That week at church we embellished on the same story, and it gave me even more confidence. Its now been a year and a half, and the only thing thats happened is that he’s at college, we harldly ever see eachother, and he has a girlfriend who is absolutely crazy for him. I have been doubting God, and i’m afraid it was just my voice I heard even though I was so positive it had been him at the time. But I am just focusing on putting all my faith and trust in God, and not pursuing anything and letting God’s timing work. Reading this gave me hope and reassurance that I am not the only one who has gone through something similar. maybe I will have to wait five years, maybe two, maybe 10. But i just have to keep my faith in God and pursue my relationship in him over anyone else and be amazed at what he does in my future:) He has changed me in so many ways through all of this and I have grown so close to him, and I know that he has more in store for me. sorry this was so long…it just felt good to get it off my chest, I dont even know if you will see it.

    • emily

      but I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me, I have been praying for God to reassure me and guide me, and I truly feel that this was it. IT has given me confidence, and I wanted to thank you for every word in this. So many things hit home for me, It was like everything you said were things I’ve felt or been feeling, and was so helpful for me:)

      • Wow Emily! I am so encouraged by your faith in Him! “But i just have to keep my faith in God and pursue my relationship in him over anyone else and be amazed at what he does in my future.” Keep this perspective, and it/He will get you through any season of waiting!

        Praying for you sweet girl!

  48. Pamela

    Hello, Sarah

    I am waiting on God just like you were and I don’t believe that the same experience that you had (knowing and actually seeing who was your future husband in a dream) is a coincidence, for I’m also living it.

    I won’t give you my life testimony, but to sum it up, after thinking that one bad love experience was enough to make me want to cast my romantic dreams of love to the wind, I have come to heal and dream of marrying a God fearing man that will make me as happy as I hope to make him.

    So, after my angst years in my BA and being perpetually confused I have gone through the phase of “not wanting to open my heart to no one ever again and being left alone” to “finding my identity” to “befriending males” and know, “anxiously waiting for my future husband”.

    I don’t doubt that God talks me through dreams, but I’m not sure what to think when I see myself in some dreams marrying this guy I like (even though I really don’t know him personally and he hasn’t shown any interest in me like that). Anyhow, I have had like 5 different dreams that end like this, and I really don’t want to misinterpret things for maybe I’m actually projecting my deepest desires with my current crush.

    I have been praying to God a lot and have been told to just wait and believe in Him despite this guy’s actual lack of interest in me (or so I’m lead to believe).

    The reason why I’m telling you all this was to see if you can offer me some advice and to ask you “when did you become absolutely certain that your dream was not a product of your subconscious?” “Did you received a confirmation from God?” I mean, “when did you know for sure Ian was your future husband that God had been hinting you at?”

    Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for posting your personal experience, since I didn’t know of almost no one else having dreams like these.

    God bless!

    • Hi Pamela,

      I was never absolutely certain that I was going to marry Ian until our first date when he told me he loved me and couldn’t picture his life without me in it (aww). Up until that point I was only going off of something I asked God to reveal to me at the naive age of 13. I kept asking God to confirm that it was Ian over and over again because I was convinced I was dreaming about possible subconscious feelings. At a certain point I stopped asking for proof and just believed. BUT, I never once lived my life based on what I thought was going to happen in the future, because what if I was wrong? I dated one other guy in high school and went to dances all the time. I talked about moving away for college, even though Ian was in my hometown. I majored in Fashion Design even though there was absolutely NO market for that in the tiny town of Corvallis… I think the biggest mistake you could make at this point (if you are not absolutely certain) is to dwell on what you think may possibly happen in the future. Especially when you have no relationship with this man other than a distant crush on your end. Heck, I recently had a dream that Justin Beiber invited me over to his house to go swimming and that will never happen lol! I guess my “advice” at this point in your situation would be to not take those dreams literally. At this point, assuming that you will end up with this man based on nothing but a couple dreams will (and sounds like it already has) bring you nothing but confusion and discouragement. Sorry that’s not the most uplifting response, but I (and I believe God) want you to enjoy the process of finding your future spouse!

      • Pamela

        Thanks Sarah. Can’t say I’m thrilled to hear it, but I definitely needed to. I have been talking with the Lord about this and He told me that it’s all set and he has separated me for him and me for he, but that I needed to focus in doing His will so he can manifest his Justice upon me.

        So in light of that, I guess the best thing I can do for now is to enjoy my relationship with God and trust that everything will work out how is supposed to independently of who it is that He has for me or if I have met him.

        Many blessings to you and your spouse!


  49. Anmar

    Dear Sarah-
    The likely hood of you answering this is probably slim. But I’m going to write anyways.

    I’m almost 18. I’m a senior. And this summer, I met the boy whose supposed to be my husband at a church function. We’ve been good friends for more than a year. He considers himself a player and has told me that I should find someone else because he’s I’m worth more. I’ve always had a crush on him and things have always been complicated between us. I can’t not believe what I heard; a voice so audible, I nearly jumped.

    I was trolling the net, grasping at straws when I found your post. I never asked to hear what I heard- in fact, I was considering giving him up when I heard His voice. I am terrified I made up that voice- but at the same time, I cannot seem to recreate it in my mind. In fact, when I heard him say “This is your husband” I thought “Nope. False, actually. I vote no. It’s too risky. You must mean someone else. I don’t want him.”

    He has a girlfriend. My friends think I am mistaken for sticking with him. He is not the kindest and sometimes tries to scare me off. Sometimes he’s down right mean. But he always comes back for some reason. I think I am the only one he has that believes in his potential to be a good man. I see him clearer than all others. All he needs is to grow up and grow in God.

    Thank you for your story. It has made things much more hopeful. I will now proceed to learn to wait.

    ugh- this will be painful! Thanks again,


    • Anmar

      Also- would it be wrong to date another guy when I know I’m promised to someone else? Especially since I don’t want to make them think this is a forever thing and I’m not a casual dater.

      Thanks again for making me feel better!

      • Hi Anmar,

        I apologize for my late response to your comment, but I don’t want it to go unnoticed: )

        You sound like such a sweetie and there are a few things I’d like to point out to you that concern me… First, that he “calls himself a player”. Stay away from any boy that ever calls himself a player. The only thing worse than a player is one that knows he is and is ok with being one… that is not the kind of man you want to be with in a dating relationship or marriage. It will set you up for a miserable life of insecurities and doubt.

        “He has a girlfriend”– Stay away!

        “He is not the kindest and sometimes tries to scare me off”– another trait you do NOT want in a future husband!

        Also, I need to clarify that I am NOT a future teller! Not even in my own life! Most of the time I have no idea what lies ahead of me… So, I am not claiming to know what will happen in your relationship with this boy but I feel the need to point out that maybe it was not God’s voice you heard. Yes, of course it could have been! And God redeems! Even unkind 18 year-old boys that call themselves players ; ) I just caution you because right now he sounds like nothing but trouble : ( I hope you understand that I am only trying to look out for you…

        Praying for wisdom for you!

  50. Rachel

    Wow, what an encouragement this to a 16 year old like me. I may sound crazy and completely out of my mind but when I was 14 God revealed to me who I was going to marry. I can testify that I knew it was His voice because this gentle revelation birthed in my the same faith I have in God. Every single time I began to doubt literally moments after he would rebuild my confidence in His will for my life and have me coming back believing even more. I don know how or when, but I started calling my future hubby “my promise” which struck me with bliss when I saw the same was for you too! I truly believe the reason God showed me a glimpse of my future was for the sake of my purity. I have a had a history of falling for guys easily in the past, and through this I have come to a place of loyalty. I will not compromise Gods will for my life for a temporary fulfillment of my fleshly teenage desires! haha Thank You again Sarah! And many prayers to you and your spouse! You guys make a lovely couple! But I’m sure you know that already 😉

    • Hi Rachel,

      What an awesome testimony you have already… I think I may have mentioned this in an above comment reply, but I too think that part of the reason God revealed this promise to me was for the sake of purity : )

      You’re awesome.

      • rachel

        I didn’t see your comment till now! & It makes sense for Him to do that 🙂

        I currently have quite a bit of questions for you!

        Gosh I wish I could Facetime you or something! Haha is email appropriate enough? 🙂 lol

  51. David

    I am in a situation like this and God is doing about the same thing with me and Hannah. We just got something from God regarding our future. Great story, sarah.

  52. HearingHisVoice

    You can’t begin to know how much I needed to hear your story. I was in such awe at your faithfulness to God at such a young age concerning your husband. I am 38 and I do believe that God has spoken to me concerning my future husband. He has confirmed things for me mostly through scripture. I have also asked for some very specific signs, in which He has shown me. As you, and others have stated, the hard part is in waiting.

    We dated briefly and talked about marriage, but he just wasn’t ready at the time. He is currently dating someone else and it hurts beyond measure. I have asked God to either confirm for me that I either need to let him go or to stand firm on His word. I still get the same confirmations.

    I have grown so much closer to God during this time and He has shown me how to lean and depend on Him more than I had ever done before. Only time will tell, but you have given me the encouragement that I need to wait and see what God truly has in store… THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR STORY!!

    • Hi there!

      What an awesome story! I am proud of you for focussing on your relationship with the Lord. That is all that is important at this point (and actually always). Keep your eyes on Him and He will direct your path 🙂


  53. Victoria

    Wow! such an inspirational story!!! i can say that my situation is a bit similar but still different.. the only thing that I can say is God is in control and if it’s meant to be than God would have to do a miracle! 🙂

  54. Yesenia

    such a great love story! you look so beautiful on your wedding day! thank you for sharing your story hearing it has definitely helped me. I was dating a guy for 1 year and everything was great I could really see myself being with him and marrying him and then we had a falling out & I ended things with him. I tried my hardest to move forward for a month and a half and one night I had a dream that him & I were hugging and kissing and that a woman asked him if he had a ring for me. After I had this dream I couldnt sleep and I felt restless I felt like God was telling me that this is the man that I’m going to marry. I have been praying and asking God to show me if this is his will and if the dream was from him. Sometimes its so confusing & hard for me to decipher which dreams are from God and which dreams are just from my own mind. Hearing your story gives me hope that God can reveal who we’re gonna marry through a dream. I will continue to ask God, pray & listen and if its his will he will work it all out in his perfect timing

  55. Deija

    Hi Sarah! Reading your story has helped me out so much. I’m 17 and I’ve been going through the same exact thing as you have. I’ve been feeling very strongly about one person and I don’t know why I feel like this, I just do. And I believe that God has told me who I am going to marry also and it’s such a crazy feeling!! I feel exactly how you described feeling. I know that God has a plan for me and my future and when the day does come that I finally see all of the pieces of the puzzle coming together I’ll get to share my story with people just as you have.
    Thank you so much for posting this story! May your marriage be blessed with many more years to come! 🙂

  56. Ali

    Sarah! This is inspiring, I feel like I am in the same situation as you, and felt God led me here. Is there any way you can contact me via email for some helpful advice?

    • Hi Ali,

      You can email me at frillsthrills [at] gmail [dot] com : )

      • Jamie

        I was also wondering if I can talk to you as well. I did not go in depth in regard to what happened to me so I was wondering if I could talk to you. Thanks

  57. I’m kind of going through the same thing right now. I gotta know.. Did you date at all while waiting on GOD. Did you feel you should while he had a girlfriend?

    • Hi Nettie,

      I did casually “Date” (as much as a fifteen year old can ;)) but the boy was long distance so it wasn’t very serious. I did mention that briefly in the story and no, I do not think it is a sin to date someone else… As long as your motives and actions are pure : )

  58. Damaris Paz

    July 26, 2005:………….. this Journal entry was very touching, i believe now that God revealed what he is doing by working in me and my future husband who God revealed to me….. its crazy because at the age of thirteen you received a vision of who your husband will be, with out even asking…. i can connect with that, well different dreams lol, but i can connect with that because when i was around 12 to 13 years old, i had a dream of my future husband, and i didnt even ask for that dream, but after that dream i had mixed feelings towards him and i was confuse, I wasn’t sure why? a year before this year, i was constantly asking God to take away the feelings because a.) he was my best friends ex boyfriend and b.) he was four years older than me, but each time i ask God to take away the feelings, it would just come back even STRONGER. So my friend Briana told me to ask for signs and petitions to see if he is for me, i asked for two, one was that we would match the following Sunday and we did. But someone told me that be careful of when you pray for signs, another words dont pray out loud because the enemy could to confuse us. So i asked for another sign, to show me a scripture from the bible that talks about husband and wives, in m head, and i was flipping pages something told me to stop at 1 peter 3, and it was talking about husband and wives and how we should be committed to one another as we are subject to the Lord ………. but that entry really helped, may God bless you marriage, and remember dont let the enemy ruin things in your marriage for he is jealous……… God Bless

  59. Barbara

    Dear Sarah

    I found the journey of you and your husband really inspiring! But do you think god shows is signs as to whom we will marry? Because at present the weirdest thing has happened, basically a guy who I fancy, well I found just found out that I share the same initials, career and name as he mother! I don’t understand why God would show that! It’s a little bit strange don’t you think?

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  61. jon

    What an inspiration. I know God has told me who I am to marry. We’ve been together twice now, but both times sin got into our relationship and God split us up.

    That was 6 months ago. Since then, I’ve tried to move on and God has been emphatic: “she is still who I have assigned to you. But you will do this MY way.” He’s confirmed this to me through events, guidance from my elders and in my spirit.

    She is now with someone else and I agree with you: knowing God has spoken is a lot harder than not knowing. Fending off doubt and wanting to know “When Lord?” can wear on the spirit.

    Thank you for the encouragement your story gives. I will revisit often as I wait for God’s appointed time for she and I.

  62. Jordin

    Hi Sarah! I love your story! I was wondering if I could talk to you because I feel like I’m going through a similar situation!

  63. Alicia Dixon

    So my best friend and I were at Applebee’s talking about God (our usual topic of conversation) and our future husbands. Brittanie (my best friend) has always been feircly independent and decided she didn’t want to get married when a year ago a man pursued her and she turned him away. Anyways, they eventually started dating and she kept trying to deny him being the one but every time she fasted and prayed and after a series of prophetic words she couldnt deny that he is the one but would not say it and although she felt peace about it in her spirit, her flesh couldnt make sense of it.Except he isn’t fully in Gods will and she is a worship leader and knows the spirit. He has one foot in the world still. Yet, he is the most sacrificial man and every time she prays she can see who he will be. They were engaged but he broke up with her months prior and didn’t give much of an explanation but to pursue her dreams. She is heartbroken. I have seen her date and break up with many guys and she never seemed to care before. Two days later he started dating someone. She called me spilling out how what God told her must not have been God and whether he is the one or not she has a burning and yearning for him to be fully in Gods will. She keeps seeing visions of him preaching and going to the streets healing ppl of their desires of addictions to chemical substances. That’s also a prophetic word over him. I know I’m goin on and on but anyways, what’s ironic about this whole thing is that I am going through the same thing (when it comes to the one.) I have always from a young age had a problem with lust. It started out when I saw porn in my parents living room in 7th grade. Yet, since I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior as an 8 year old, I knew I was wrong for watching it. My dad has the gift of discernment and the next day he told me he knew what I had done and that God told him (this was when I began watching it every night when my parents went to bed except in my room). My daddy took my tv out of my room. I was like man I can’t get away with anything! Fast forward my parents divorced that year, I would go in my closet in the dark and play the Christian CDs my dad gave me (I didn’t know that was worshipping at the time) and I would pray to God for help. I asked him to be my comforter since my dad told me that he would. That’s when I started reading the bible. I read the whole thing and God taught me so much at a young age, yet I was very immature with the word. I knew its truth from testing the spirits and god leading me but I got pretty prideful. At age 16 I decided I wanted a boyfriend. I prayed to God that god would let me get my first kiss from my crush at the time and then give me my husband later. So that next day at sixflags I got my first kiss. I dated him for 3 years, we were both on leadership at the church, and never had one fight. He was my best friend and I begged God for him to be the one. Towards the end, I ignored God concerning the matter bc I was sinning with him and knew deep down I was too afraid to hear Gods answer. I clung to deceptive words about god letting u choose the one bc he gives us free will. I remember though my dad knew. He told me he wasn’t the one for me and a few weeks later I broke up with him for no other reason but that. I knew he wasn’t the one the whole time but I thought nothing could beat our connection and I wanted him to be the one so bad. Couldn’t God just let him be? I felt nervous the thought o marrying him. He was gonna propose senior year. I wanted to experience college, but after all, we could get married after college if our connection was still so strong. When I broke up with him he went into a deep depression and I told him I couldn’t explain except I just knew he wasn’t the one. I even prayed after that God would bring him a godly girl like me who lifts him up and encourages him in The Lord. A few weeks later he was dating her. Immediately I changed my mind. I wrote him a letter taking back all I said but we both knew I meant it. I mean everything I say. I did my best to destroy their relationship. I didn’t see it as that at the time bc I was selfish and thought he was mine. Besides he called me still and took me to church behind her back. One day he put my hair behind my ears like he used to and said “I’ll come back for u” I shrugged and said, ” but why would you give someone else a chance at your heart. You have such a big heart and you could love anyone u give a chance to” silence. Then we went to the same college. Him me and his new girlfriend. He dated her on and off 2 years and would be with me in between. I saw him forget memories we had and saw our relationship fade as I become the side girl. He took what I let him bc I was so desperate for what we had. Then we had sex. I remember crying when he left. He didn’t call or text for ten days and started dating what’s her face again. At the time I thought he never will stay… Is it me? What’s wrong with me? A series of mishaps happened at the same time. No car, no food, I lost my best friend Maddie and all the while my dad stopped being the man of god he used to be. I started feeling so much pain I would sleep through class and cry. I listened to depressing songs and hurt to them. I started seeing pictures in my mind of me committing suicide. At that point I was like “satan ur stupid, I’m too much of a coward to do that. Nice try” but I also was alarmed. I needed Serious help from God. The pain was to unbearable. I started crying over poor ppl. I remember questioning how the cross could be powerful enough to cover All the rapes and crimes and injustices of the entire earth. I knew the truth that it did, but didn’t feel what I knew was truth. I also doubted me and Gods relationship. I was like god what’s the point if I can’t obey u fully? I don’t even know how! I feel like I have good intentions and then screw up and want sin more! I never have love feelings to u, I do for my ex though, I guess bc ur too abstract. I can’t even touch u to give u a hug and it sucks. I believe my own will will always over power ur spirit. Then he said, clear as day in my mind, “try me” I said ok. He told me to open my bible and I opened it to Isaiah about The Lord being my husband and how he won’t be angry forever and he has compassion to me who got rejected young. Then I heard him say justin beiber. I was like what? Am I making stuff up? Then I heard look it up, trust me. I looked it up and the first song was one less lonely girl. I listened to it and balled. I felt like God was literally singing that song to me. Like he told me it was his exact words to me. That began my odd journey of discovering Gods word through secular songs. He began being my lover, closer than my ex ever was. I was astounded! I remember vividly when he finally healed me from the pain. I cried out to him and felt the sun come in through my closed blinds and touch me with warmth as the ball on the bottom of my stomach left me. I lost thoughts of my ex, and the world. I would say dream about heaven. I remember I liked things I hated before… Worship music. Not that I used to hate the truth of it but I hated the sound. Once god healed me I could feel his spirit. My dad, bless his heart told me u can’t feel God. God isn’t a feeling. I know that but if I had no feelings towards the thought of him my relationship boiled down to loving hos desires for me better than just loving him for purely who he is. When he became my lover I felt like I was saved. Every new height we would go I would just see him saving me all over again from my flesh. I started writing everything he told me down, everyday. This lasted two years. Then I graduated college and went back home. Through many ups and downs I finally gave up lusting (only by surrender). It was literally the hardest thing to die to pleasure and the habit it was in my life. The only way I did it was i forgot abt it totally when I was in the spirit. When I was not, I’d get tempted and turn it down. In one of those moments I went to shower instead of lusting and as I was washing my hair I was thinking about work and applying to the teache cert program ect. Then I hear the church God wanted me to go to. It came and I questioned that . God showed me a picture of me running at the middle school track a few weeks prior and God saying the same thing. I was like, “ohhhh God I guess I thought that was me or a random thought. I didn’t even know that was u” He told me I’ll have u know i have ur husband there, u can see him 2 nite if u want. Me-I work. And I like the cowboy church. God- u can get it picked up. So it did get picked up. I went to work and ironically satby 3 married ladies who were saying how God lead them to their hubby’s. I thought hmm, this is one weird day but I’m so happy and excited. I began to think I wander what he looks like, what’s his name, does he have dark eyebrows? Then His name popped in my head and i was like noooo not That!ny bestfriends brother and bfs name is that! pretty much everyones name in the entire universes name is that!!! i went home and I heard god say “youth leadership” and “look it up” after I was thinking how I would know if its him or not? saw his face under his name under the church website.He looked so much like my ex! God knows my type! He was so cute! Yet, I never in my wildest dreams could I even believe that God would tell me this? Or am I just crazy? Why tell me not him. Besides according to my plan he’d be from my College town and god would tell him so I wouldn’t have to do anything. Anyways I kept writing down all these things. I went that night and saw him. He showed up right behind this man I was talking to. He looked just like his picture. I didn’t know what to do so I glanced and tried not to look again. God started telling me more about this strange church and man I do not know. I have visions of us. Yet, now he left for 4 years in the army. We have yet to meet and I was getting discouraged after a gathering we went to and he never said one word to me before he left. God told me no pressure, don’t tell anyone about this, and don’t worry if he has a girlfriend cause he will break them up. I met her in the bathroom when she said he broke up with her and by the end of that night, she wanted to be my best friend. She started telling me sex dreams they have both had for each other on their honey moon from “god” and I sensed she was like the old me. My name from god is pure and so is hers. She talks alot so do I. She speaks to god conversationally, so do I. But I sensed my future hubby was like how my ex is to me. She wants him to be the one bc of their connection. I always knew I’d never lust after my husband and would be on fire like I never had before when we’d meet. When his ex came along she kept saying she had god dreams about this and that and it began to oppress me. She told me my future hubby (she thinks he is hers though) is not ready. God told me he has been ready spiritually and praying for his wife and God is sending her (me) to him. I told God I don’t wanna interfere with their relationship or break anybody up. I’m a new person now. God told me he would break them up and to not worry and trust him. He told me to never doubt his voice. He told me “marriage isnt about u, it’s about glorifying me and I have set him aside for u sense the beginning of time.” So anyways, brittanie and I are at Applebee’s and I start seeing a vision of brittanie and her mans ministry. I saw her man taking in rough ppl from the streets to stay. I saw two girls in the living room, one looked one years old with blonde hair and a grin. Britt was cooking breakfast And her man was at the table listening to this old friends problems. He listened and was a mentor to him. I told her this and she started laughing and saying that’s so weird, she knows that guy it’s his friend. She showed me on Facebook and literally it was the same guy but I never saw him before except in my vision. Britt started telling me how he had the same style as my future hubby was in her dream. She had a dream of us falling in love and skipping. A prophetic speaker spoke that too, that my husband and I would skip. So definitely confirmation. Then I started thinking there has got to be somebody that is been where we are about to go. I had this feeling for days that there has bound to be a girl that had been lead to her husband by god, by god telling her first! When I found this I read it out loud at Applebee’s and brittanie and I cried with tears of joy! We got pumped! I was like I wish I could let this person know how GREATLY God made my night through this love story

    • rachel

      I’m curious to hear how much God has done or revealed to you! I pray He keeps directing you closer to His heart and your future Husband to both God and your heart!

  64. Hi Alicia,

    It sounds like you have been on quite the journey! Keep following the Lord’s leading, but be careful not to mix up His voice with the enemy’s.

    Thanks for reading,

  65. Jamie

    Hi, I came across your story in a very surprising way and I am glad that I did. Right now I am in a season that is difficult for me to bear;however. I asked the lord for comfort, patience and wisdom. So here is my story. I am currently 18 years old, a senior in high school and I never had a relationship with a boy ever. I always believed that one day God will bring him to me and that I shouldnt worry about it. Thus, my only relationship has been with God and him only. However, last year I met this guy who did not catch my attention at first but as soon as I got to know him, I fell in love with him. It was not infatuation or puppy love. We clicked as soon as we started to get to know each other. We had a lot in common and I thanked God several times for bringing him in my life. We stayed as good friends but when he wanted to be more than friends and wanted to get serious, I told him that I was not allowed to have relationships before graduating high school. As a result, he got upset but we continued talking. Despite this fact, we talked about the future and our ambition to get into medical school and etc. Soon after he graduated high school last year (he now is in college) we became good friends even though we had strong feelings for each other and I started to pray to god to give me patience and if this guy was the one, then give me signs or something in order to not give up. Up until now, we are good friends but I found out that he has a gf. When I discovered this, I was devastated, I felt as if God had forgotten about me. But when I started praying, I started to feel his presence and a sense of comfort and peace. And within my heart, a soft voice said “wait”. I am sure this was God speaking to me. I was desperately asking for what I should with this guy who has changed my life. I remember asking God what I should do, should i let him go or wait for him and God told me to wait. Knowing this I felt a calmness and peace but every now and then I get frustrated and start to doubt. But when i start to feel this way, I start to pray and ask God for comfort and patience. My relationship with God has strengthened and is becoming stronger more than ever. I have gotten more closer to God.I know God has led me to this page and to help me recognize his greatness and love. This has given me hope. Nothing is impossible for the lord and he will never come short in his plans for you. Thank you for sharing your story, it has helped me to have faith in God and. God Bless u and your family.

  66. Marissa

    God has just done a similar work in me a few months ago. I’m so grateful I came across this I needed it. God has promised me a guy named Reuben. We dated for 3 years but lost our way. I prayed that god reveal to me if he was the one and 4 hours away from home we ended up in the same gas station.

  67. Lauren

    I read this when I need hope. The Lord told me two and a half years ago of the man I would marry, and the things God has done to prove that to me are astounding. Now I am going through a season of waiting where there is a California to Texas sized distance between us, and I wanted to give up when that happened. But God has shown me that it He is still in control and through a wonderful sermon series our pastor is preaching this year, I realize God is still in it. And you’re right, Sarah, sometimes the little juvenile ways we ask God to prove this thing to us are the prayers he uses to blow us away with His grace and mercy. Even when we think He is gone and it is hopeless, it behooves us to listen for that small voice that says “Don’t run. It will be okay.” When it looks hopeless s the best time, because we are humbled and then when it does happen, we give God all the credit because we KNOW it was Him. I can’t wait for that day, when I praise God because HE did this thing, something that I couldn’t do in my own power if I tried.

  68. Kaii M.

    Hi Sarah,
    I love your story. It has encouraged me and now I don’t feel so alone about God telling me who my husband is. Yet, I feel now, that I don’t wanna get married… I am not sure if its cold feet. I’m only 19 years old, so maybe it’s because I’m still young. Thing is, I’ve dreamed of being a wife all of my life, but I think the most difficult part of knowing who my future husband is, is that he is already involved with another woman and he has a lot of baggage behind him. I don’t care what flaws he has I have them too but, I think he may be very content of where he is in life. God tells me to pray for him everyday. He’s also revealed things concerning my future husband’s life to me and he wants them to change. I don’t think I was just assigned to be his wife but, to help him get his life together and motivate him to be what God has called him to be. I’m just to a point where many things are happening into my life that I feel I am not strong enough to be a soldier for myself let alone him. Every time I tell God I wanna let him go and want to move on and focus on myself , God finds a way to speak to me through dreams , visions or signs concerning him, telling me not to give up and that his life is depending on my prayers.. And its frustrating! Lol. Never really had anybody to understand what I’m going through.. Just wondered if maybe you had any advice you could give me?
    -Kaii M.

  69. Vanessa

    I think your story is beautiful and it’s just what I needed to hear. Although my situation is a bit different I know God just wants me to remain faithful and to trust in Him. It is just so hard to do so! But I thank God for you and your story! God bless you and Ian!!!!!

  70. Sherline

    Its been 5 yrs since I saw my future husband in a dream, and everytime i start questioning God is he really the one I read your story to encourage me to wait on Gods perfect timing. The guy and I are just friends but he has also said to me he cant picture me not in his life. I found your story last year as i was questioning God is he really the one. And i took your story as my answer. Thank you so much for your testimony and love story it is really a blessing.

  71. Sarah J.

    Hey Sarah,
    I just want to thank you for sharing this. I am turning 24 this year and I am in the same boat that you were. Knowing that God spoke but then see the man dating someone else is quite a shocker. Lately everyone has been on a wave of “God doesn’t tell you who you’ll marry, it’s a choice that you make” and it’s been getting to me. But reading this post strengthened my faith. God keeps reminding me why my name is Sarah, Sarah in the Bible lived by faith and is even recognized in the book of Hebrews 11. So by faith we shall walk and continue to trust God. May He continue to bless you guys abundantly. THANK YOU once again. God has a good sense of humour, your name is Sarah too 🙂

  72. Celeste

    Hi Sarah, I really enjoyed reading your waiting process. Have you posted your testimony on any other websites, or have you blogged it any were else? I would love to read more about your process. Your story has been very encouraging and a blessing to my life. God has really blessed me by showing to me in my personal life the man of God He has for me, and after 3 years of waiting it’s coming to pass. He’s a Pastor of a church and I never wanted to be a first lady, however God had other plans. After a year and a haft of being in denial, ignoring God’s voice, and the dreams God has giving to me, He finally got my attention by confirming everything in a might way. I didn’t know God actually speaks to us regarding or future spouse. And its amazing because God has also confirmed it to him as well, he actually knew before me because I was in denial. Thanks for any extra duration of your beautiful testimony if you had indeed posted it beyond this website. God Bless!!!

  73. Alicia

    This story is shockingly similar to what’s happening in my life right now. God has revealed my future husband to me and confirmed it in a dream. He was my guitar teacher and the day I met him God told me I was going to marry him at the age of 12. I dismissed it at that age but now God won’t let me give up on His promise that He reintroduced into my life.

    I have moments of doubt and fear, do you have any advice?

  74. Michael Ramirez

    Did you ever stop liking Ian during your awkward 3 year separation. Did you like him but at the the same time not like him as much (or at all) until you guys started talking again

  75. Collins

    Hi Sarah,
    your blog is worth diamonds! It’s a wonderful story you have of how God knows and cares about our special needs in a special way. Yeah, you’re right the WAITING is the hardest part. Graciously, the Lord has shown me whom my wife will be, a woman that loves the Lord deeply; even in those “Gideon moments” when I took upon myself to worry for God – like Moses did when the Lord told him He would give the Israelites flesh to eat – the Lord has reassured me. God has put me to sleep as He did Adam, so that my Eve can come out. I love her and am looking forward to a beautiful life with her in Christ Jesus. God hs made my life beautiful! I’l wait on Him cos it’s worth it.

  76. Andrew

    Hi Sarah, I had a similar dream to yours this past year

    I was basically 28-30 years old and i had a dream that i saw my Wife and i saw 2 kids, they looked 1-2 year apart but i could not see their faces. I can how ever make out what their gender might be a boy and a girl. and in the dream i also saw a white glowing horse who also has jesus’s crown and he appeared and bowed at me and then left and thats when i woke up. I could tell that my wife is few years younger than me.

    But heres what stumbles me, i meet a girl through my best friend who is also a girl but she is like a sister. The girl who is a friend of hers. She also told me she saw the same thing but i dont think we had it the same night we dreamed it.but instead of her seeing a horse, she saw a White glowing bear. we never met eachother before that first time we talked at all. and i started to wonder, shes 4 years different from me. Do you think jesus is telling me that im supposed to be with her? i never asked jesus to show me this at all. Also, ive been begening to see extremely weird signs past few months evn though we are not allowed to talk because of parents and stuff cuz of 4 year age difference. till shes 18. but the biggest sign i saw was that i was going through my facebook and i saw one of my friends posting a congratulation to a couple that they had a baby girl, and the couple’s first name was Andrew, and the girl im talking about.

    Does this make sense to you? and do you think thats what god is trying to give me and her?

    • Emilicia Mcgee

      did she ever reply to you through email?

      • Andrew

        No she hasnt. I have met mine. but i couldnt see exactly who the girl was in mine. although i saw jesus showed up as a horse glowing white horse with his thorn crown on him.

        • Andrew

          BUT! i can tell its her, because of the connection we both have is spiritual and connected. When she misses me, i can feel it. and its more of a heavenly feeling she gives me.

          also i can see the age on both of us and the 2 children. Not exact, but i can make out the age though to be close enough.

  77. Emilicia Mcgee

    HI Sarah Nelson Your story seems to be alot like mine except i havent meet “HIM” yet can you maybe email me because i would love your insight on things.

  78. Briana

    Wow, I was looking through a couple of these (Christian) “God told me who my husband is” posts and a lot of people have been speaking out against this, but it’s stories like yours that brings God back to be supernatural! I have a question for you.. how did it make you feel when Ian got a girlfriend? at that point were you already in love with him or did you not have any feelings for him?

  79. Maya

    Thank you so much for writing this. I am 16 and believe god has told me who I am going to marry and I have only told my mom and she believes so too. Every word you said made me realize that im not crazy. again thank you so much!

  80. Joe

    What a wonderful story! I am currently in the waiting period as well. I know the person but they don’t…haha I’m wondering though, what did God reveal to Ian, if anything? Was Ian ever like “God told me that I would spend my life with you as well” or maybe “I always knew too”?


  81. Waiting in Faith

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. I’m in a similar situation at the moment and was starting to doubt if God really did show me, or if it was just in my head because at the moment things seem impossible. Your story just confirmed that it was from God and that He is the God of the impossible so I must keep trusting and waiting 🙂

  82. Coco

    Dear Sarah,
    I believe God told me who my future husband is. I’ve been waiting for 2 years now. Knowing has become very stressful and a heavy burden. I have given it over to God many times ( he has helped and even moved the friendship further that same day) but it is still really stressful. I think about him too much and it doesn’t help that when it looks like a relationship is going to start, it stops because something gets in the way, not usually bad things but obstacles nonetheless.

    Only my parents know because everyone else would think I’m crazy or tell him and mess things up, so i keep this to myself.

    I feel like I have to wait for him because i only wanted 1 boyfriend, who would end up being my future husband. While i know that may have been overzealous, part of me will not let me date other people because of that desire.

    I want to date because I am allowed to now, I’m 18 now but waiting is wearing on me. I keep wanting to initiate and speed things up but they don’t work and it still feels like its taking ages.

    Please pray for me. I am going through a really hard time waiting. I admire your story and faith.

    Also, I ask that you would forgive me for the email I sent. In retrospect, I realize it may have come across as rude and i didn’t mean that.

    Is there a way I could contact you? I hope you have a good day.

  83. Hannah

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, Sarah! I am actually in a waiting-on-God period right now because, last January I thought He told me who I would marry, but I just recently learned that this man is in a relationship with someone else. Either I mistook my own imagination for God’s voice, or I am watching my future husband pursue a romantic relationship with another woman – neither is a pleasant scenario!! But what a great reminder that God is bigger than circumstances and is always at work, even when we cannot see what He is doing!

  84. Veera Eríka Varis

    Hi. I have read your story so many times now. It is so encouraging And amazing.. I have a similar situation in my life. I’m 18 yrs old and God revealed my future husband to me 2 years ago. At that point I didnt even know His name. I had never spoken to Him before. I was sitting in a bus when this boy was getting off and He suddenly just looked at me and smiled. In that second I heard this still voice coming from above saying “this is the one you are going to end up marrying. He is your future husband” I was 16, just started my high-school, not really even thinking about those things yet.. I was shocked, didnt really know what to think so I kind of forgot about it. I told my mom but she was only a bit amused by what I had experienced. She didnt believe me. I didnt even know did I believe it myself. I asked God only one thing, that If that guy is really going to be my husband one day, can I atleast get to know His name.( i didnt know anything about him. He was just a stranger) So few weeks went by and I did not think of him at all. I didnt even remember it.. I was having a coffee with my friend while talking about boys and so on.. Suddenly my friend said to me that she knows this one guy and He is so cute etc.. That she thinks I would like him. She wanted to show me his facebook profile.. I said go ahead. And it was him, his face and name right in front of me. What i had asked for.. So this was about two years ago. Today we are close, i dont know what are we, friends, or more, but It has been a total journey till this day. And Gods spoken to me that soon He is going to reveal him what he already told me two years ago. Its been tough, i have doubted God and His promises but He hasnt failed me not once. It is all so amazing when i look back to the time God had told me but I didnt know anything. I know that any of this could’nt have happened if it wasnt God who was doing it.. He has directed my steps so amazingly.. I already know his family and his mom feels like my other mom. I cant understand the greatness of God.. God is so amazing. And i know that i have to trust Him with all my heart and in any circumstances. Your text is so amazing. I would have so much to tell but I know this is enough.. It encourages that when God speaks , He speaks the truth. Our God is a living God ❤️ And the end part is also very good, that the worrying isn’t worth it… So true. But just sometimes so hard not to.. Thanks so much for sharing this story here!! I believe that God truly wants us to testify and glorify Him thru our stories, God bless you and Ian 🙂

  85. Ciara

    Thank you for sharing your story. It was definitely an encouragement to me. I have experienced something similar and have finally gotten to the place where I’m like you know what God’s in control and why the heck am I worrying and trying to make things happen in my time. It’s all about God’s timing. There is such a peace in knowing that God’s got it : )

  86. Jennifer

    Sarah is there a way to talk to you through email or facebook…I have been shown who I am supposed to marry. I have sought God since I was a young teen. That was 20 years ago. I met him 3 years ago and we dated for a small time and broke up. It killed me. I let go but now 3 years later we are in each other’s lives again and it is dark and Satan is fighting and I’m weary.

  87. Hi, I’ve had the exact experience as you but not in the form of a dream it has been signs. I’ve almost lost hope in God but is there a way i can p.m you? that’d really help! i need to get this off my chest………

  88. Louise Simone

    Hey Sarah
    I too think I have been told by god who I will marry. It was a silly relationship in school but I never realised I never got over him, I started thinking about him recently and I just had to find him. I feel like god tested me over this guy and one night when I was laying in bed I think he said to me you will marry … (The guys name)
    I started to cry as I got emotional, so fast forward to this year January ( I think I was told last year July sometime) I managed to get in touch with the guy it was weird sending messages back and forth as we didn’t really speak much in school things didn’t get serious and we were both 12/13 years old. He has a girlfriend at the moment I think he has been with her for a while, I feel like god has told me to wait have faith and it was him that told me id marry him. However it’s not as strong as when I think he told me I would marry him, I’ve read your page and have asked for clear confirmation maybe in the form of the dream or signs but it doesn’t happen.
    I guess I’m asking for advice?

  89. Nkem

    Beautiful story and one that gives me hope as I too believe that God confirmed my husband when I asked what His will was- and He has done so on many occasions, through scripture, circumstance, sermons. My question though is this: 1) does God really confirm to women (first) who their spouse will be? Many say that ‘women don’t hear from God first’ and I find this hard to believe and also can’t see that being biblically true. My second question is 2) does God reveal His confirmation / will to each person at different times?
    Thank you

  90. Hewitt

    I am in a similar situation. I had this dream thing about an year ago. Now it seems to be an impossible event thats not gonna happen. I had many question in my mind before reading your story. Now I believe I can boldly trust and wait on God to do this thing His way and His time. Thank you for sharing your story.

  91. Naomi

    Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. Glory to God for using you to reach to us. Your story is exactly like mine, the difference, I ruined mine with my impatience and my “big mouth”. I was and I am certain it was God who revealed to me.
    This is the second time am reading your journal, first time was in 2013 when I started dreaming about my future husband. I did ruin by telling him and every close person to me who had time to listen about it. And the Lord stroke heard where it hearts: we separated. Now am waiting to see where this ends up. Thank you for sharing.

  92. Abby H.

    Sarah, I am 13 years old and I have to tell you how my story has gone so far. I recently went to camp and one day while I was having time alone with God, I asked him that if my future husband was there at camp, that he would compliment me and be kind to me. Later that day at camp, a boy who is three years older than me, complimented me! It wasn’t anything more than a “Good job!” But I was shocked! Then when I got home from camp, I was so worried about the age difference and how I was going to talk to him!! After I wrote in my journal I read my Jesus Calling book and it said ” Don’t worry about the plans I have for you.” Do you think he’s the one? And how do I talk to him. Right before I read this, I asked God to give me hope! Can you give me hope, please! I’m confused about everything…

    • Coco

      I would be hesitant to say that you received a sign from God about your future spouse because the signs you are looking to as confirmation are vague and commonplace. What if he complimented you because you did a good job and wasn’t prompted by God? Saying “good job” and waving is very common and normal. If you are going to ask for a sign, ask for a more specific sign.

  93. Lesie

    Omg this so cute but not only that but I’m going through something very very similar.. It would be nice if you could email me and give advice and spiritual encouragement im a scared to tell ppl about what I’m going through especially because I’m only 17!! (I’ll be 18 next month)

  94. A wonderful story it is! !!
    When God speaks the journey is not easy. From personal experience, I have learnt to trust God. Its not easy to wait but God does not fail to finish what he started.

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