“You are a God who sees me.”

Genesis 16:13


“…every moment You know where I am.”

Psalm 139:3


The Meaning of His Name:

Only one woman in the Bible ever called God, El Roi. No men clung to that name- ever!

Hagar was Abraham’s mistress, though she started out innocently enough as Sarah’s servant. Her days rolled by in a monotone of mindless work. No hope of getting ahead, no chance for marriage or family. She had traveled far away from home for this position and had no intention of jeopardizing her job by messing up.

But Sarah was not a nice woman. She wielded her sharp tongue with empirical power. As Sarah grew more and more frustrated with what she saw as her husband’s passive response to God’s promise, her bitter attitude spilled all over Hagar.

Go ahead and read Hagar’s story in Genesis chapter sixteen— it’s a story well worth mulling over. Ultimately, Hagar ran as far from Sarah’s meanness as she could get. With little but her shattered dignity to keep her company, she sat in the middle of the desert road and wept. All alone—no family, no friends, no children to call her own.

That’s when she saw God. Actually, that’s when Hagar realized that God saw her.

Do you really realize yet that God sees you? The one you hide from everyone else. The you under all the make up and pretty clothes and pretend piety. The you no one else sees.

That’s the you He saw hanging from the cross.

That’s the you He longs to come close to every day.

The real you.

After all, He is…the God Who Sees Me.

From my heart,


Psalm 33:13-22

Psalm 32

Luke 23:34

Matthew 5:8

Job 42:5,6

February 11, 2011
His Name
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  1. Becky Fechter

    I was Sarah and Hagar all in one day last week. Feeling internally hounded and physically sick I kept breaking, cracking, spilling not-niceness all over the place. I kept whispering soul-prayers of, “Help. Help me, Lord.” Finally, I put myself to bed early (smile) and woke to a quiet house in the morning. I grabbed my Bible. Desperate. Nothing like feeling your need to wake one up thirsty! I read through Colossians praying, confessing, longing for wholeness, saving, healing. I found it…He gave it. “…and you are holy and blameless as you stand before him without a single fault.” (1:22) Without a single fault. Ohhh, I needed that. I needed to see how He sees me. And then, “But you must continue to believe this truth and stand in it firmly.” (1:23) I clutched these things close in, like armor, a shield. He see me without a single fault. He sees me.

    • Without a single fault! How amazing is that? Sometimes believing the truth is the hardest thing we’ll do… and clinging to the fact that He sees me all wrapped in HIs mercy. I love your line “cracking, splitting not-nicenss all over the place”. Gosh I can relate to that! That not-niceness can do a fair amount of damage too! Anyone else know what she’s saying?

  2. Such an open heart Becky. When I think of how God sees me, I often have this picture of nakedness. Clean, pure, faultless and beautiful. That is His design and over and over the Bible teaches that we are in His likeness. Yet the “closet” I go to often putting on a jacket of frustration, or pants of weakness, or undergarments, sin that no one can see. I ask God to again and again change my wardrobe of just adding to what He created. Pulling out joy, humility, patience kindness. Asking God….how do I look today sweet Father, looking in the mirror and praying that I understand what it means to walk in his view of me, and not to adopt the world’s view. Diane, your words, your scripture and your heart bless so many. elizabeth

  3. Jodi Stilp

    Beautiful Diane! If we only believed this truth, we’d be so free.

  4. chanda rush

    Psalm 33:18 and Psalm 32:5… Friday night after a long week of holding my daughter through her broken heart and praying for her, a treacherous week of my own battle with unforgiveness and mistrust and fear, three weeks of physical pain and this cold that never ends…Friday I found myself weeping in the bathtub with the monster fan going so no one could hear me. I thought what do I do Lord, what do I do? And I was reminded that in 20 minutes the Womens Night In Prayer was to start. I wanted to go last year but was too afraid.. I had decided to go..but was not fully committed. Realizing in that moment that El Roi had just answered my whatdoidowhatdoido prayer with the thought of this prayer gathering. I was so nervous and drained and sad and tearful. But I went. And God spoke to me. Quickly and repeatedly I saw His hand in what was happening and heard His voice. El Roi was my Name of God. And I knew..I need to stop focusing on how my new husband sees me, on how he misinterprets me and trying to figure out why is he so hurtful??and trying trying trying to have him understand me and focus more on Him. He sees my heart. He sees my sin, my brokenness, my fears. And I run to Him over and over. And then…I run along and do it my way for awhile. Until I feel desperate and trapped again. Then I crawl back in His lap. I am beginning today to focus on fastening my eyes on Him. Pinning my hopes on The One Who Sees Me. I don’t have to be poised and proper for Him. I don’t have to be smiling and engaging for Him. I get to be just who He has created me to be and unafraid to be exposed for all I harbor in my heart, all the things I keep coming up against..the things I tell no one about. Because…what would you think? I’d be sooo…exposed. He sees it all and He gave His Son for me, to free me. Mercy! I stayed until five. I will be honest..I could say it was because I was so tired and was worried about not driving safely.. but really? It was because I couldn’t take feeling so vulnerable in front of y’all. I’d been weepy all night. And after the prayer walk I came in and saw the stations set up for feet washing and actually whispered oh, no way am I doing that. I couldn’t bear the thought of someone washing my feet as Jesus did for His beloved. So I left. I was so happy and at peace… I got in my car thinking I need to go home and ask my husband for forgiveness for not being merciful. And immediately those thoughts of “wait, I’m mad..I’m justified, I’m hurt!” and the thoughts started spinning. I prayed and drove on home. Crawled in bed and as soon as I woke up followed the Holy Spirit’s prompting and asked for forgiveness. We had a moment of healing and restoration. The fears will creep up. But I was transformed by the renewing of my mind last night. I was washed in the Word, I was restored by music and prayer and convicted in my spirit in so many small and big ways. I am taking El Roi into my vernacular. He sees me. Who else do I need to see me if He does?? No one.

    • Melissa

      I needed this today. I know this was 2 years ago for you, but for me, today, my rope felt like it was ending. I was done. Thank you for sharing.

      • Melissa,

        Thank you for being brave to comment on Chanda’s note. It might be a good idea for you to read the verses listed at the end of Diane’s post (if you haven’t already) Allow the Scriptures to refresh your spirit. I’m so sorry for the place you’re in right now, but I know that Yahweh can bring you safely out of it.

        Psalm 40v103
        I waited patiently for the Lord;
        And He inclined to me and heard my cry.
        He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay,
        And He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm.
        He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God;
        Many will see and fear
        And will trust in the Lord.

        Cling to him today,
        Administrative Assistant to Diane Comer

  5. Chandra, I wish I could just take you in my arms and soothe the pain away. But that’s exactly what the Father does. How beautiful of you to ask your husband’s forgiveness for not pouring mercy over him. God will use you to bring healing and restoration into your less than perfect relationship. And remembering that God sees you as you really are and loves you that way- that is why we have our confidence in Christ. No one else in the whole world could possibly love us like that!

  6. Grace Allen

    Wow Chandra,
    You are brave to share your story with us. My heart breaks for you and what you are currently going through. What you may find deep inside you and perhaps be amazed by is the unknown or uncovered strength God instills in us, a natural protector to help us process whatever hardship we are up against. The Holy Spirit will lift you up if you ask a Him to.
    I have found myself in situations where I felt just as you did, crying in a bathtub. I desperately pleaded with God one long night many years ago. While I was crying out to God in anger, it was then when I felt the Holy Spirit with me. Within minutes I felt at peace; not about my situation, but suddenly there was a promise for hope. An embrace enveloped with peace. Draw strength from the Holy Spirit.
    Remember that quote from last weekend? “The same spirit who raised Jesus from the dead is the same spirit that lives in you”? I absolutely love that and I remind myself of that fact constantly. I hope you will too.

    I’ll be praying for you, and I’m sure many others on the blog have already done so.

    • chanda rush

      I cling to His hope. I have been given this amazing gift of faith..because my beloved sister-in-law told me almost three years ago, when my world crumbled at my feet, to crawl in His lap and ask for faith. My faith has become what I have longed for all my “christian life”. Strong and constant. He has been restructuring my entire world, my heart, my attitude, my self image… I don’t have a christian life that I strive for anymore. I simply have a life in Christ. The changes (deep, real, permeating) that are already happening in my marriage….whoo-boy. A friend of ours invited my husband to his house this weekend and he spent time w/ him being counselled, encouraged and prayed w/ for a couple of hours. He came back and asked my forgiveness for a bunch of things that I didn’t even realize he grasped… We are so on our way to healing and having what God intends for us.
      AND THEN!!! God threw us a big one. A friend of my daughter’s in Texas has been kicked out because mom feels she can’t afford to take care of her.. she’s staying at a family member’s house. Not going to school. Feeling totally abandoned and unwanted. I had this overwhelming feeling of oh no this is not ok!! And then that quiet voice saying you are to do something about this. You know how you feel it in your spirit?? So we’ve prayed like crazy w/ a bunch of people and…she’s coming here. Please pray for Tori. Pray for us and for our protection and guidance and pray that Jesus will just shine right on out of our lives. This girl can be won for Christ in no time flat and wow…let the transformation begin. I know this seems crazy. But I also know that I’m no just called to do the easy stuff like coffee ministry and such. I am called to do the hard stuff, the crazy stuff. And with El Shaddai I am doing it.

    • Your name reflects your words here, Grace. Beautiful hope- not that life’s circumstances clear up instantly, but that He gives grace and wisdom and power to hold on to the Father until we see Him face to face- and to grow beautiful in the process.

  7. And you, Chandra, are growing beautiful! We will all be praying for Tori, that she will see Him in you.

    • chanda rush

      Diane~ She will be here on February 1st. I will come find you on the 6th so you can meet her. Thank you for your prayers. It’s amazing to see and feel the hand of God moving!

  8. Sienna

    I asked for prayer this morning regarding being wheelchair bound from MS. I was reminded of Hagar and El Roi, and the one lady felt a heavy anointing. I wait on God, to see what He will do. Thank-you Lord Jesus!!

  9. Mel McCullough

    This was a sign from God. I was calling out the Name El RoI and began praying. I looked up what it meant, and it meant God who sees me. I was very glad to see your posts and it answers so many questions. Thank you . God bless you for being a confirmation to my pain and he sees and hears my cries.

  10. poingnant and powerful – thanks for highlighting this powerful name for God!

  11. Guetty Joseph

    I blessed you for your words. Thank you.


    El Roi,God who sees me.
    Who sees my pain and hear my cries,
    Thank you lord for what i am,
    My pain nd stress bring closer to you lord.
    show me your WAY,TRUTH & LIGHT.

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